How to extract audio from video on iOS and MacOS

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Have you ever recorded video on your iOS device and only captured the sound? Or, you have a video and its audio is memorable and you want to save the sound as a separate file to listen to later.

Getting the audio from a video sounds very difficult, but in fact, it’s not. If this is the thing you are wondering, we’ve got you covered. This post today will show you how to extract audio from video your iOS and MacOS device.

How to extract audio from a video on Mac

You can easily extract and save the audio from a video as a file on your Mac just with the built-in QuickTime Player tool.

1) On your Mac, open your preferred video in QuickTime Player.

2) Click on File from the menu bar.

3) Scroll down to Export As and click Audio Only from the pop-out menu

4) Set a name for your file, select its location, and click on Save.

How to extract audio from a video on iPhone/ iPad

Although you can use iMovie to detach audio from a video, it can be harder than you think. So, the quickest and easiest way to extract the audio from a video is using a third-party app. There are currently tons of apps available on the App Store. However, if this isn’t something you are planning to do, you can try a free app without minding a few ads, this is the way to go.

After attempting free apps, one standing out is MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor. The app is available for iOS devices and is pretty simple to use. Once downloaded, simply open the app, grant access to your photos, and then follow these steps below.


1) Tap on the plus sign in the center on the bottom of your device screen.

2) Choose where to import your video from iCloud or the Camera Roll.

3) Select the video and tap on Add icon at the bottom right.

4) Tap on the video on the next screen and select Convert.

5) Tap on Default Mode (mp3).

If you like m4a file format, it’s available for free. All you need is tapping on Advance Mode and choose the Output Format. There are also other settings so that you can adjust in the area like Output Range, Audio Sample, and more.

To access the audio file, tap on Converted Media option. From there, you can also play it or choose Open In, which lets you do other things like sending it through AirDrop, saving it to your files, and sharing it in a message.

While MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor contains pop-up ads, there are not as distracting as other apps. If you want to upgrade the in-app purchase to remove those ads, you can get other great features like all video formats, audio formats, as well as no time range limit.

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