How to get Legit Manufacturing Information of Apple Products iPhone, Mac, iPad

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It is very hard for us to determine that whether the product we’re getting is legit or not ! Now a days online retails business is booming up and we are too lazy to get up, drive to the store talk to the help about products we want to buy and and bought it with cash or credit whatever the transaction methods suits us. The problem is that, we’re a little bit ambiguous about the product we’re buying is Legal, Authorised or not :

Top 5 Doubts Arises when buying Electronic Products Online :


1. Is it Legit or not ?

2. Is it recently Manufactured ?

3. Does it really have a warranty ?

4. Is it outdated in-terms of specs, warranty or software ?

5. Are they over charging us ?

Usually These Online Retails sell Smartphones.

In a Research it was found that People tend to buy smartphones, Hard drives, Tablets and Books more often as compared to Laptops, Desktops and other big electronic items.

And, also it was found that the country which is more active in terms of “buying online” is U.S.A.

The most popular smartphone in U.S is iPhone.

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