How To Fix Apple iPhone XS Not Turning On

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You have just grabbed a new iPhone Xs/Xs Max, which is by far, the most expensive iPhones ever released by Apple. These two new iPhones are pre-installed with iOS 12 version, thus you will get more advanced features and functionalities. Coming to hardware perspective, the new iPhone Xs and Xs max are extremely impressive as well. However, all these cannot still guarantee a flawless and problem-free experience. System problems can happen at any time. The new and sturdy iPhone Xs & Xs Max are no exception.

Although such problems rarely occur to new iPhones, there are still a number of factors, make them happen. However, most of these issues are only related to software errors, which mean they can be resolved just by some workarounds. Read on this post and find out what you should do whenever you encounter an unexpected issue in which your new iPhone Xs/Xs Max suddenly refuses to switch on without any reason.

How to fix iPhone Xs/Xs Max that won’t turn on

Below are potential solutions to address issues affecting these new iOS devices. Any of these methods can be useful solutions to your iPhone for as long as there is no damage to hardware. If your iPhone Xs/Xs Max suddenly won’t turn on after an accidental drop or getting wet, then your iPhone needs a service. However, before taking your phone to the Apple Genius bar, you can first try these workarounds below.

Workaround 1: Plug your phone in to charge

Sometimes, you should not take note that your iPhone completely runs out of battery, so it cannot power on and it needs the charge. Simply connect your iPhone Xs/Xs Max to the charger and wait for 10 minutes to recharge. You can also plug it into a wall outlet to boost up charging time if possible. Also, make sure that you use an Apple-certificated charger.

Workaround 2: Force restart your phone while charging

An iPhone not switching on doesn’t mean that it always runs out of power. There is a chance that your iPhone is stuck on a black screen due to system errors. In such case, you should perform a force restart while plugging your phone into the charger. Carrying out a force restart will clear out errant apps as well as system errors, causing your phone to get stuck on the black screen. This method works the same as the usual soft reset when your iPhone Xs/Xs max comes to encounter system issues. Here’s how to get it done:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Do it the same with the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and quickly hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears and then release it.

The process won’t affect any saved data on your phone, so you no need to create backups. Just wait for your iPhone to boot up and finish charging.


Workaround 3: Restore your iPhone XR in iTunes

If none of the previous workarounds helps you and your iPhone Xs/Xs Max will not still power on even when it’s fully charged, there is a high chance that your phone is dealing with complex system issues. In this case, you should carry out a system restore to fix it.


If you have a Windows PC/Mac computer that has already installed the latest iTunes version, you can then troubleshoot complex system issues by performing a recovery mode restore with iTunes. A recovery mode restore is often required when iPhones encounter software issues that couldn’t be remedied by prior workarounds.

Since the process will cause the data loss, so creating a data backup is recommended. You can try to back up your files through iTunes, if possible. Once done, simply perform a recovery mode restore on your iPhone Xs/Xs Max through iTunes by following these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a Lightning cable.
  2. Next, press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  3. Do it the same with the Volume Down button.
  4. Press the Power button and hold as it restarts. Even when you see the Apple logo screen, don’t go of the Power button in order to put your iPhone recovery mode.
  5. When you see the Connect to iTunes logo, just release the Power button
  6. Now, open iTunes and you will see a message saying that your iPhone is in recovery mode and you will be prompted to update or restore your device.
  7. Click on Restore option to clear out everything and then restore to the latest iOS version through iTunes.

You simply follow the rest of the onscreen instructions in iTunes to complete the restore. After that, you can choose to restore from a previous backup or set up your device as new.

Workaround 4: Perform a DFU mode restore


If a recovery mode restore fails to fix the error and the problem still continues, then you might need the deepest iOS restore, know as DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. This mode will put your iPhone into a state where it can still connect with iTunes without activating the bootloader. This could be the key to fixing the problem if the system error causing data corruption is the underlying cause. Here’s how to restore your iPhone XS/Xs Max in DFU mode:

  1. Connect your phone to the computer using the original Apple Lightning cable.
  2. Once your iPhone is connected, press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Next, quickly press and go of the Volume Down button.
  3. Press & hold the Power button until you see the screen becomes black.
  4. Now, quickly press & hold the Volume Down button while still holding the Side/Power button.
  5. Wait for about 10 seconds, release the Power button but still keep holding the Volume Down button until your iPhone Xs/Xs Max shows up in iTunes software.
  6. After appearing in iTunes, simply go of Volume Down button.
  7. Your iPhone is now in the DFU mode. All you need is to follow the onscreen instructions to restore your iPhone Xs/Xs Max.

After you perform a DFU mode restore, force restart your iPhone by following the above steps exit DFU mode and boot up your device.

These are solutions to fix your iPhone Xs/Xs Max not turning on. If the last resort, DFU mode did not help, then you should bring your phone to the nearest Apple Center for repair.


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