iPhone Troubleshooting : Solve Frozen App Download on iPhone and iPad

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  • Sometimes there may be some problems when you download or update certain apps like it may goes “frozen” at the time of discharge.
  • There are some solutions to fix such problem ,this article will teach you what they are.

Error While Downloading Apps? Here are the solutions…

Have you ever had a problem while trying to download an application or game from the App Store? We usually find that after restoration of our device through an iCloud Backup, some applications seems never to be completely downloaded or installed.


If such sort of problem is occuring in your device or you’re in same situation right now, we will try to help you by proving some possible solutions so that you can continue installing the app without much problems. If you facing this situation and need help, follow us and we’ll tell you the steps that you can take to fix it.


How to troubleshoot problems with downloads “frozen”

1 Make sure your internet connection works properly

Before doing anything, make sure that the internet connection was not cut . The easiest way to test the working internet is to do anything that requires the connection, say, for example, You can try to load a web page in Safari, or try to send an iMessage.

If  there is no such problem with internet, then maybe there had been a cut or stop somewhere while downloading, in such case ,the application must start downloading right where it stopped. If your Internet connection is working correctly, continue with step 2.

2 Click on the button in the application that is downloading


Users often do not realize that they may had given a touch accidentally while the application was downloading. This causes the application installation to stop. We can easily find it out that whether you have accidentally paused a facility if it has a pause icon to pause word below it. Sometimes, even if the installation does not seem to be paused by clicking on the application it is possible that a trigger “frozen” may ask the installation to continue downloading at the same point where you left off.

It may not work for the first time, so we can try giving a second tap on the icon. If nothing happens ,then after few seconds, you can continue with the next step.

3 Restart your iPhone or iPad


As other problems may happen with iOS ,  so a reboot may also solve the problem with downloading apps frozen .. Just hold down the  Home button  and the  power button  on your iPhone or iPad at the same time and not release them until Apple logo appears on the screen.

After your iPhone or iPad fully reboots you will have to check if the application you’ve tried to install is still there. If it is completely gone, do not worry, All we have to do now is to re-access the App Store and try to download it again . If still frozen, go to the next step.

4 Try removing the application and re-download

Sometimes iOS let you delete apps while they are still settling. If trying to tap the application icon and a restart does not fix the problem, try to remove the application manually.

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You must simply hold down the icon of the application until all applications start to move. Now click on the “x” symbol in the upper left corner of the application. Confirm that you want to remove the application. If the application disappears instantly, all you have to do is download it again from the App Store. If this solution also does not work, continue to the next step.

5 Try to download another application

For some reason, downloading another app from the App Store can make applications to resume downloading stalled again. So simply access the App Store and search for a free app to download . Any application can serve both as a new one that even you have already purchased. Wait for few seconds and see if the application was “frozen” ,started downloading again. If not, proceed to the next step.

6 Close your session in the App Store and open it again

If all else fails, there may be a problem with iTunes or the App Store on your iPhone or iPad could be interrupting the download that you currently have in progress. All you have to do is close your session, restart the device and then log back in iTunes and the App Store:

1 Open the  Settings application  on your iPhone or iPad. 
2. Go to  iTunes Store and App Store
3. Click on your  Apple ID  that is current at the top. 
4. Tap  Disconnect  from the popup menu that appears. 
5. Restart your device and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 to connect again with your Apple ID.


7 Sync with Latest iTunes

Although we choose to perform a backup to iCloud instead of iTunes , you can still sync via iTunes to complete this process. Sometimes connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes and sync shopping again, you can return to reactivate the downloads that have been frozen. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer that you use regularly to synchronize the content of the device and press Sync.  Wait for the sync to your process and then checks if the application completed their download and installation .



8 Wait a little

Sometimes problems blocking applications may be caused by changes or maintenance on the server from the App Store . Perhaps, you have tried to download the update application from which you have been informed through the App Store but this does not work. It is true that these cases tend to be quite strange, anything can happen. If all else fails, just leave the application icon somewhere on the home screen where you feel good and forget about it for a few minutes or hours. Maybe after a while an error is corrected on the server and the problem is solved with the download.

After following these steps, it is more likely that the problem is solved. There may be several reasons why an app is out in the middle of the download process, but don’t get frighten. You only have to follow the steps that we have indicated.

If you’ve ever had problems downloading applications on your device, what have you done to fix it? Have you followed any of these steps? Share it with us and let us know your questions, we will be happy to help.


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