Fix iPad Charging Error : Resolve iPad Not Charging Issue

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  • Some users have recently complained about the problems loading iPad , while others did long ago.
  • Should only the charger that comes with the iPad must be used or is it better to be plugged into any electrical outlet.
  • Not all USB ports provide enough power to charge iPad.


If you have Problems Loading the iPad, Here are some simple tips to solve – Resolve iPad Charging Issue

After updating to iOS 7.1.2, some users have expressed in various forums that  they have encountered problems when charging the battery of their iPad . Although these problems are recent, but there were already complaints in this regard for older devices like iPad 2 and recently with iPad Air too .



Sometimes we find hardware failure and the only solution to this is repair or replacement of the device. But in most cases it’s more about how, when and how we load our iPad and in this case the solution is in our hand ,we just have to follow some simple guidelines to get over with this problem of battery charging.

First, it may seem obvious, Apple , like most manufacturers, supplies device with a charger having appropriate electrical specifications for each device i.e no other charger can be used accept the device own charger . Although most of the tablets’ and phones’ charger could be exchanged with each other, but if we are not careful we could find certain problems with the device like slow loads up, in worse case leaving the device useless .

If Air or iPad Mini iPad Retina do nothing when you connect to the network or has been left with a black screen, it would be best to do a hard reset, by simultaneously pressing the Home & Power buttons until the Apple logo appears . If it is not a serious problem, restarting may recognize the charger and start charging.


The battery charge iPad can be considerably faster through the electric current instead of USB- Fix iPad Charging Problems


Sometimes the problem is with the plugs and especially the USB ports we use. For some strange reasons, that the profane electronically escapes us, certain USB ports on the same machine work for the load, but others do not . Also, it is advisable to dispense with USB hub, unless they have their own power and is sufficient for our device.But as a general rule, it is best to use a charger connected to the electric current, to load the device more faster .


On this regard, when the iPad displays “Not charging” is a half truth. What happens is that the load may be very slow due to low current receiving capacity which usually happens when the device is plugged into a cigarette lighter or a computer USB port . It may actually not be charging at all, especially, if the display on, but if we turn it off, after a while, we will see that yes something is loading.


On another occasion, the battery problems of iPad Air and iPad Mini can be solved with a restore from iTunes , because the software itself or any other application is quite disturbing for battery or load.This remedy is also recommended from Apple stores before concluding it to be a hardware problem.


Even after trying this ,you are still having problems with the battery, as we can read from  iMore , I fear that its time to go for an official Apple technical support because most likely there may be a faulty component such as battery or charging connector.


If you ever had problems with the battery of iPad ? How did you solved them? Tell us how.




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