Fix the overheating problem on iOS devices

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An issue makes many users feel discomfort on their iOS devices that is iPhone overheating in use. Unlike other electronic devices,

Why do iPhones start overheating?

Most of the time, iPhone starts overheating due to two issues, first reason is related to use of certain functions, while the other one is related to temperature surrounding the device.

IPhone can work fine in temperatures between 0 and 35º C. However, exposing the device to temperatures more than 35º C can cause overheating.

The device’s CPU starts heating whenever users run too many applications on their phone. This in-turn overloads device’s battery and the overall phone starts overheating.


Check active apps and disable background apps refresh feature, turn the push notifications off for unnecessary apps.


Here are 5 tips to stop the iPhone from getting overheated


  • Never leave the iPhone inside a parked car

Temperature inside the car might rise or drop rapidly depending on the climatic conditions. IPhone is designed to work in temperatures between 0 and 35º C. If the device is kept in more than 35º C temperature, it may overheat and cause permanent damage to battery and other parts of the phone.

Using the device in cold condition may shorten the battery life for few hours. Therefore, there is no need to worry even if your battery drains quickly while staying at a luxury hotel during vacation, for example.

  • Do not expose iPhone to direct sunlight

Keep the iPhone inside cotton cover or any bag to keep it away from direct sunlight. As mentioned earlier, extremely hot temperatures can overheat your device and create problems.

  • Turn off Bluetooth, maps, Wi-Fi, and location service when not in use


Technology experts and even Apple has agreed the fact that these features can heat-up the iPhone. Therefore, an advice is that users should turn them on only when planning to use them and deactivate iCloud Sync option for Safari.

  • Avoid keeping the device for charging in hot areas

It is advisable not to plug your iPhone for charging in hot areas. If users work in industries that require staying near boilers, ovens, microwave, or any others that releases heat, never keep the iPhone for charging nearby these units.

  • Avoid playing games


It has been observed that games heat-up the processor and the entire phone when played continuously for hours. If users realize that the iPhone is heating-up quickly, it is advisable to avoid playing games for too much time on the device.

Remember, overheating should not be ignored. If all the above tips fail, users should create a back-up for their phone and restore with iTunes later as well as re-install everything. If this also does not stop the device from overheating, visit nearby apple store and book your handset for repairs.

Overall, the overheating issue seems to be sorted out because Apple has recently launched its Apple Watch that needs to be constantly connected with iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. The company has not made it in headlines due to battery issue since the launch of Apple Watch. Therefore, even if any users are using iPhone 4s, get iOS 9.x installed.

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