Future iPhone could have Touch ID that sits underneath the display

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This year’s iPhone models have some daring changes ranging from the removal of the iconic “Slide to Unlock” screen, something that we have grown accustomed to over a decade, to a new pressure-sensitive home button. These changes might not be revolutionary, but it seems like Apple is working on never-seen changes for its iPhones following the boring iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s.

We are now nearly 12 months from the iPhone 8 unveiling, but there have been a lot of rumors floating around about the future iPhone. Accordingly, the next iPhone may feature a new Touch ID that sits underneath the display. This allows Apple to create its first-ever virtual home button on an iPhone model.


The rumor seems plausible, as Apple has recently filed for a patent titled “Capacitive fingerprint sensor including an electrostatic lens”. In reality, Touch ID has not changed since it made its debut back in 2013 at the iPhone 5s launch event. It is undeniable that Touch ID has taken Apple’s iPhone to a whole new level in terms of security, and fingerprint authentication has quickly become common in high-end smartphones. Therefore, Apple fans have been waiting something special from Apple’s fingerprint sensor in 2017 especially when Apple celebrates the iPhone’s 10th year anniversary.

The next iPhone is expected to come with an overhauled design and tons of new features. Accordingly, the new camera will be built directly into the display, allowing Apple to introduce a brand new iPhone with no home button. Besides, the next generation iPhone will mark the first time Apple switches over to flexible OLED panels, allowing for a thinner iPhone that consumes less power and delivers brighter and curved display.

According to sources, there might be chances that Apple will move back to its glass body which was previously found on the iPhone 4. This means that Apple will move away from its aluminum used for the current iPhone models. Under the hood, the 2017 iPhone is expected to be powered by a 10-nanometer A11 chip that promises to be faster and more efficient. Rumors also say that Apple will bring wireless charging to its 2017 iPhone. This is something that we have already seen on some Android devices in the market.

Apple has been long-rumored to launch three iPhone models next year, including a dual-curve OLED iPhone 8, a standard flat display 4.7 and a 5.5-inch model. This year, Apple released the iPhone 7 Plus with an exclusive dual-camera system, so a curved iPhone 8 with premium features is possible.

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