Google Assistant now works with 5000 devices

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Back in 2016, Google marked its first steps into the virtual assistant market where Apple and Amazon now dominate. Google Assistant received mostly positive reviews, with most tech experts praising its exciting features. Google’s virtual helper is now one of the best personal assistants on the market and stands in line with Apple Siri and Amazon Echo.

Google Assistant was previously designed for Pixel phones. In 2016, tech experts claimed that Google wanted to take the Assistant away as a selling point of its own smartphones. However, things have changed since then. The biggest search engine on Earth has been busy expanding Assistant for months in an attempt to attract more users.

Back in January 2018, Google confirmed that the Assistant worked perfectly with 1,500 devices worldwide. Google recently claimed that the company’s virtual helper is now compatible with 5000 devices, meaning that the Assistant added 4000 devices in only 4 months, which is pretty impressive. And the number is set to grow in the coming months.

The list of all compatible devices includes a wide range of products, including cars, home appliances, sensors, smartphones, AC units, and even more. One of the best things when it comes to Google Assistant lies in the ability to work with a diverse range of smart home devices. This means that you can easily turn on/off lights or activate doorbells with your voice command.

Assistant’s main rivals, Apple Siri can work seamlessly with Apple’s Home Kit-enabled devices. Some reports claim that Apple is planning to expand Siri support to more devices this year in order to take on the Assistant. However, tech experts say that we need to wait a little bit longer for Siri to arrive in Android devices, as Apple is targeting it for the HomePod smart speaker.

Google says that the Assistant is on its way to smart TVs, allowing users to take better control of their content. Besides, the Assistant will hit Logitech’s Harmony hubs and Dish’s Hopper receivers this year.

We are seeing an intense competition among big names in the virtual helper market. Amazon has been making big improvements to its Echo recently. Last year, Amazon officially announced Echo Plus, with a new design and much-improved sound quality. One of the highlights of Amazon Echo lies in its lower price tag. Amazon Echo can work with a wide range of devices out there. The coolest part is that third-party developers may release apps and services for Amazon’s smart speaker. The Assistant virtual helper is expected to receive huge improvements in Android Oreo, which is set for a fall release.

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