Hands On New iPad Pro 11

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Just a month after the release of three new iPhone variants: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, Apple continued to launch the new iPad towards the end of the year. However, the new iPad Pro is a big upgrade over the previous 2017 model.

The new iPad Pro is not just the most powerful portable devices currently on the market, but it’s also one of the best-looking tablets, thanks to some eye-catching design changes from Apple. The new iPad is released with an aim at taking the fight to the notebook world, and it’s a powerful weapon of Apple in that fight. In this post, we’ll take a brief overview of the new iPad Pro 11.

New iPad Pro 11: Quick Review

New design

There’s one reason you should think about picking up this new iPad Pro that is the improvement in terms of its looking when you hold it in your hand. Cumbersome bezels on the sides have gone, and they are now replaced with thinner ones that resemble those on iPhone Xr.

There’s still space on the left-hand side (in landscape mode) for necessary sensors such as Face ID, front-facing camera, ambient sensors so that users can unlock the tablet more easily. As this is 2018, so the traditional home button is also gone from the new tablet, but you will not be bothered about this loss.


Although the smaller bezel will leave you a little space to hold it, in fact, the iPad Pro 11 still brings a comfortable holding experience, even when the corners are less rounded. Similar to 2018 iPhone models, the iPad Pro 11 also comes with Face ID that helps to unlock the tablet quickly, in both landscape and portrait orientations.

There are a couple of other things you should know about the new iPad Pro 11. The first one is the removal of the Lightning port. Exactly, the ‘controversial’ port developed from iPhone 5 is no longer present on this new tablet. Instead, it’s the appearance of a USB-C port, which can be seen on the MacBook ranges. According to Apple, the new iPad allows users to connect an iPhone, or even charge other devices. While it’s an interesting move, you can no longer charge your iPhone by plugging the cable directly into your iPad, which might be a little annoying for some.

Another change to note comes from the Smart Connector on the back when it’s now moved to the bottom. You will see many magnets on the back, which allows connecting the new folio smart keyboard and you can use it when the iPad is in landscape mode.


The folio keyboard brings a very similar experience found on the iPad Pro 10.5, but there are now two ‘ridges’ on it, which can prop the tablet up in different ways. Furthermore, the screen quality on the new iPad Pro 11 is extremely excellent and has already been improved once again by Apple.

 Monster specs

The new iPad Pro 11 might be the most powerful tablet currently that you have ever held in your hands.  It has the capability to do more than any other iOS devices when combined with the new Apple Pencil, sticking to the side of the iPad magnetically and charging wirelessly, thanks to an upgraded A12X Bionic chipset.

Practically, it’s hard to see much changes when scooting around the iPad Pro 11, maybe the iPad Pro 10.5 is still great enough for a number of years.  However, it’s the heavy lifting with power-hungry apps that Apple touts the upgrade. There were a number of demos like full Photoshop from Adobe or console-level graphics.


While it’s so difficult not to be impressed with what the new iPad Pro  11 can do, it’s still debatable if the average user could really get many benefits from the added grunt.  The early new iPad 2018 is already imbued with Apple Pencil support, and even much cheaper.

However, if you do any image or video manipulation, or want to render 3D videos on the go, or do other multiple tasks, the iPad Pro 11 is absolutely an upgrade worth looking at.

On the new iPad Pro 11, you can double-tap on the Apple Pencil to easily change modes when sketching. You can quickly switch between your own activities with a few taps.

Camera and battery

Tablet is never estimated as a top-notch camera device and it’s designed mainly for fieldwork. However, things might not be true with the new iPad pro 11 when Apple has powered a great sensor, although it’s just single on the back on the tablet, featuring a 12MP camera, which allows capturing in better low-light conditions than previous tablets models.


The 7MP front-facing camera also inherits the powerful TrueDepth snapper, which can even take Portrait photos, allowing you to blur out the background. So, If you need a large screen to check yourself lonely, it’s not a bad option.

While the iPad pro 11’s screen is not possible to play HDR content, it could play it back. In the short demos, the quality was quite excellent and HDR could not be a problem at all.

The iPad Pro 11 has all necessary elements for entertainment- and while the screen is a little smaller over the new iPad Pro 12.9 variant, it’s not a big problem if you want to use it as a primary movie-watching device with your family.

Price and release date

The iPad Pro 11 comes with a variety of storage capacity options, so let’s break down the pricing.

The new iPad Pro 11 will start at $799 / £769 with a variety of configurations. The 64GB Wi-Fi only will have the starting price above. The next storage size up is 256GB, starting at $949 / £919, followed larger 512GB variant for $1,149 / £1,119. Top of the heap is the 1TB variant, costing a whopping price: $1,549 / £1,519.

Remember that all the above prices are only for the Wi-Fi-only version and if you want a cellular connectivity, you need to pay an additional $150 / £150 for each variant. The new iPad Pro 11 is available for pre-orders from today, and the release date will be on November 7.

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