HDR mode and how to use it on iPhone

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Most of today’s smartphones come with HDR mode that helps balance the shadows and highlights of a photo. Have you ever wondered how HDR works and what difference HDR images can make. If you are not a particular tech savvy, it takes you a while to understand. Fortunately, we will show you what HDR is and how to use it on your iPhone.


  1. What is HDR mode

Before we proceed with how you use HDR to take pictures on your iPhone. You need to know what HDR is. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range that serves as one of the most used techniques in imaging and photography. HDR combines multiple exposures, resulting in images with objects being more exposed than non-HDR images, which are mostly taken with limited range of exposure, thereby leading to loss in details and shadows.

  1. When you should use HDR mode

As noted previously, HDR balances the shadows and lights of photos, so you’d better use HDR mode when your objects are in direct sunlight. Besides, you can use HDR mode if your scene has too much backlight. HDR will brighten up the foreground without washing out or overexposing the object.

  1. How to use HDR on your iPhone

You can set your iPhone to save both the HDR photo and the normal photo, so you see the different when you scroll. However, doing so may take up more space on your iPhone, so think about it before moving ahead. If you want to save both, you can use the following steps:

Step one: Open the Settings app from your home screen

Step two: Next up, scroll down to Photos & Camera and tap on it

Step three: Select HDR and you will notice the option to Keep Normal Photo

Step four: All you have to do now is to turn on the switch next to it if you want to save both the HDR photo and normal photo.

Steps to use HDR on iPhone

Step one: Launch the Camera app on your iPhone and select HDR at the top.

Step two: Select the ON option to enable it or Auto option if you want to let your camera decide when it is necessary to enable HDR mode

Step three: Once you are done, you will see the yellow banner at the bottom that says “ HDR” . All you have to do now to tap the shutter button as you normally do to take a shot.

Step four: Your photos will be saved to your Camera roll

That’s it! HDR is a nice feature on iPhone, allowing users to make their photos look better. HDR supports multiple iPhone models even the older ones like iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.

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