Here are four best Health apps for your iPhone

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Apple Health app has been here on iPhone home screen for years and it’s among the least used apps on your iPhone despite the fact that it strives to improve every year. With iOS 10, the Health app has become more advanced than ever before with a new Today section, visual overhaul and much improved Health data tab.


However, there are reasons to still switch to third-party Health apps that get the jobs done better than Apple does. In this guide, we will show you several health apps that track health better on your iPhone.

  1. Health View

Health View is a great addition to the App Store. Health View includes the ability to organize all of your health data in a format which is much easier to read and understand. You can track your steps, exercise minutes, heart rate, sleep data and more. Noticeably, the app can work perfectly with your Apple Watch, offering you new ways to glance over your activity data quickly.

  1. Fibit

Fibit is one of the best third-party Health apps out there for your iPhone. Fibit includes all of the smarts nearly any other Health apps can like tracking all-day activity, workouts sleep and more. The app can import your health data including daily food, hydration, steps, and floors climbed directly from the Health app on your iPhone and present to you every day. Besides, you can also track your daily exercise and food consumption right within the app. What makes Fibit stand out in the sea of tons of Health apps out there is the fact that you can challenge against your friends who have a Fibit.

  1. FitPort

FitPort is among the must-have Health apps on your device thank to its creative user interface. The app offers a circle to close for every health goal, rather than a progress bar. Besides, FitPort also includes the ability to import data from the Health app and organize your steps, floors climbed, water and more into rings. You can set your goals to completely fill a ring and close the circle.

  1. Health Mate

Health Mate is a great Health app that tracks your steps, food, weight and heart rate. Health Mate is one of my favorite apps thanks to its colorful user interface and its features. The app also allows you to manually log weight, activity, heart rate and blood pressure outside of what it imports from the Health app on your iPhone.

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What are your favorite Health apps for your iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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