Here are the five best newly released apps for iPhone and iPad

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There are about 1.5 million apps for iPhone and iPad, and the number continues to grow. Every day, a number of new apps and games hit the App Store and it is hardly possible to keep up with all of them.



If you are not a tech savvy, those newly updated apps may overwhelm you. Luckily, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of all newly released apps for iPhone and iPad. If you are now using an iPhone or iPad, read on to find down which one is your favorite app

  1. ZIG

If you are one of those who pours a lot of into pop culture, ZIG is your great choice. With ZIG, all you have to do is to tell it about your favorite pop culture topics, and the app will collect photos and news focused on what you care the most from hundreds of content providers and bring it in one place. The coolest part is that ZIG scans who and what you are following on social media, and create a personalized feed that is unique for you.

  1. Harbound

Harbound is a great storytelling app for iPhone and iPad. Each week, the app provides you with a new illustrated story that teaches you something cool about the world. The app has been attracting a lot of users thanks to its visual and interactive format of storytelling since it made its debut.

You can choose to become a monthly patron of the app, and patron subscriptions are optional (Small, Medium and Large). Patron features are limited depending on your subscription. A Patron can have access to the app’s entire back catalogue of stories, mysterious boxes and a monthly newsletter.

  1. Serial Box Publishing

Serial Box Publishing serves as another great storytelling app for iPhone and iPad. Unlike the above-mentioned app, the app offers the best stories from the bestselling writers. Every Wednesday morning, Serial Box releases new episodes which can be read or listened to. If you are one of those who are really getting into audiobooks, you will want to give Serial Box a shot.

  1. Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle is the official app of the popular Spike show. The app allows you to scroll through celebrity performances from the show and record your own lip syncing. Besides, you can battle with your friends and share your results via social media, text message and email.

  1. Night Sky 4

If you are a big fan of astronomy, Night Sky 4 is really something that you don’t want to miss at all. The app lets you identify stars, planets, satellites, constellations and much more when you watch to the night sky with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. You can get Night Sky premium, which charges 0.99 USD per month or 7.99 USD a year to enhance your view of the sky. The app is now free until October 27.

These are the five best newly released apps for iPhone and iPad. If you have any other new app that has not been mentioned above, let us know in the comments section below.

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