Here is how to fix Mail not showing attachments in MacOS Sierra

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It’s been a while since MacOS Sierra was officially introduced to the public and with it comes a whole slew of interesting features ranging from Siri integration to picture-in-picture videos. MacOS Sierra new features might not be revolutionary, but it’s something we’d consider worthwhile.


However, MacOS Sierra has its own issues. In this case, many users have reported that the Mail app has stopped working attachments after the MacOS Sierra update. If you are one of those who are affected by the above-mentioned issue, we believe that we can help you out.

In this guide, we will run you through the steps to fix Mail not showing attachments in MacOS Sierra. Before we begin, note that the below-mentioned step-by-step guide can fix email attachments vanishing or disappearing in other versions of MacOS.

Steps to fix Mail not showing attachments in MacOS Sierra

The process is not complicated, but we recommend you create a backup of your Mac before moving ahead. Assuming you have made a recent backup of your Mac, let’s proceed with our step-by-step guide.

Step one: First off, you are now supposed to open the Mail app on your Mac. Once you are done, click on the Mail icon in the Menu bar to pull down the Mail menu

Step two: Navigate to the bottom of the menu and click on Rebuild. All you have to do now is to let the rebuild process begin. It could take a while so make yourself a sandwich

Step three: Next up, you need to head to the Mail menu and choose Preferences. Once you are done, select Accounts and click on the email account where attachments disappear

Step four: Select the ‘Account Information’ tab and select “All” from the drop-down menu next to Download Attachments

Step five: Once it is done, exit the Preferences, open that mail and your attachments should be visible.

If the problem persists, the best shot is to update your Mac to MacOS Sierra 10.12.2. However, make sure that you back up your Mac before proceeding.

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