Here is how to get Pokémon Go on your Apple Watch

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Back in September, Apple made waves by announcing that Pokémon Go, one of the world’s most anticipated games, would hit its Apple Watch. Niantic’s location-based augmented reality game has just made its way to WatchOS today, allowing users to receive notifications right on their wrists about nearby Pokémon, Pokéstops, eggs and medals.


However, note that you cannot catch Pokémon Go on your Watch. Instead, your Apple Watch will notify if there’s a Pokémon nearby or display distance you need to travel towards hatching an egg. This means that you need to pull out your iPhone and catch the stunning creatures.

In this guide, we will run you through the steps to download and install Pokémon Go for your Apple Watch

  1. Steps to enable Pokémon Go on your Apple Watch

Before we begin, make sure that you have downloaded the updated version of Pokémon Go on your iPhone.

Step one: Once you have game installed on your iPhone, the first thing you need to do is to open the Watch app from your home screen

Step two: Next up, you are now supposed to scroll down to Pokémon Go and tap on it to proceed

Step three: You now need to tap on the toggle next to Show App On Apple Watch to enable the app on your Apple Watch

  1. Steps to use Pokémon Go on your Apple Watch

Once you have activated Pokémon Go on your wearable device, you now need to give it permissions to run in the background, so it can count your activity and track your progress. Here is how you can do this:

Step one: Open the Settings app from your home screen and tap on Privacy

Step two: Once you are done, you need to tap on Health and select Pokémon Go. Tap the switches on the Pokémon Go page to turn on all the options of the game. Make sure that you read through them before moving ahead.

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