Here is how to take screenshots of Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro

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This year, Apple has finally brought multi-touch technology to its Mac with Touch Bar. The new Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro replaces the traditional function keys that run across the top of the keyboard. More importantly, the new Touch Bar changes the way you use your MacBook and offers quick access to additional functionality throughout macOS, so many users want to take screenshots of the Touch Bar for different purposes like sharing, developing, or testing.


In reality, there are two ways you can use to capture screen shots of the new Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro. Besides, you can also use the Grab app, which has existed for a while in MacOS, to take screenshots of your screen. This is a great app for capturing the entire window or the entire screen.

In this tutorial, we will run you through the steps to take screenshots of Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro

Before we begin,  make sure you are now using a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar running MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 beta 3 to capture screen shots of what’s shown on the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro.

Steps to take screenshots of Touch Bar

All you have to do now is to use the keyboard combination Shift (⇧)—Command (⌘)—6. Once you are done, everything that is currently shown on your Touch Bar will be captured in an image that will be saved on the desktop like any other screen shot will.

As noted above, you can use the Grab application to take the entire screen or only a portion of your screen by head to Applications/Utilities/ folder.

Steps to save screenshots of Touch Bar to Clipboard on your MacBook Pro

You simply need to press Control (⌃)—Shift (⇧)—Command (⌘)—6. Once you are done, the screenshots of the Touch Bar will be copied to the Clipboard for future pasting in other apps on your Mac.

Universal Clipboard

If you are using a Mac that supports Universal Clipboard, you can use it to copy your screenshots and paste them into any apps on your iPhone or iPad. However, pasting images using Universal Clipboard on your Mac is a whole different story. To find down how, jump over to this article

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