Here is how to use the Diverse Emoji Keyboard on iPhone or iPad

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With iOS 10, Apple has redesigned its messages app with stickers, apps and bigger emojis, giving users more exciting methods to spice up their conversation. In reality, emojis have been around for a long time. Last year, Apple added 300 new emojis to the iOS 8.3 release, focusing on diversity in skin tones and country flags.


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Emoji keyboard serves a perfect place where you can add different emojis that match with your conversation. However, not everyone knows how to use the emoji keyboard, cause it is hidden inside your messaging thread. In this post, we will show you how to use the diverse emoji keyboard on your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to use the diverse emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad

Step one: First and foremost, you are supposed to open the Messages app from your home screen

Step two: Once you are done, you need to activate the emoji keyboard on your iPhone or iPad by simply tapping on the smiley or globe icon at the bottom of the keyboard. From here, you can swipe left/right if you want to view more emoijis. Or you can tap the Clock icon if you want to see all the recently used emojis

Step thee: Once the emoji keyboard shows up, browse through all the available emojis until you find a single human character that you want to interact with.

Step four: All you have to do now to tap on that character and you will see a pop-up menu that contains five different skin tones. Select your skin tone that you want to set for the default skin tone of that emoji. If you want to change the skin tone, simply tap and hold an emoji.

Step five: Once you are done, you simply tap that emoji to add it to the text field.

In iOS 10, you can send three time bigger emojis to your conversation. Cool, isn’t it? If you don’t see the emoji keyboard, you need to activate it from the Settings apps by heading to Settings > General and scroll down to Keyboard and tap on it. Once you are in, tap Add New Keyboard and select Emoji.

That’s it! Sending emojis is one of the most exciting things on your iOS device. With iOS 10, Apple has taken its emojis to a whole new level, introducing more options for jobs, athletic activities, and general reactions. Beside that, you can replace words with emoji and use Emoji predictions.

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