Here is how you can move your emails from one inbox to another in Mail app for Mac

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iOS 10 includes plenty of good that significantly changes how you use your iPhone; Apple’s keyboard is now smarter, Apple Maps is much improved, the Messages app has been revamped and you now can remove most of stock apps you never use on your device. iOS 10 is also polishing up a few apps with features that you may not see on the surface and the Mail app is one of them.


Basically, nothing much is changing, but the Mail app comes with several new features that can make your daily mailing activities much better and quicker. The Mail app in MacOS Sierra also receives major changes and features, as it supports a wide variety of email platforms, making it much easier for users to move emails across multiple devices.

In this guide, we will run you through the steps to move your emails from one inbox to another in the Mail app for Mac.

Before we begin, make sure that you have both of the email accounts you wish to move your emails to and from set up within the app on your Mac. If not, do it first by heading to Mail, selecting Preferences > Mail and signing in with the second mail account.

Steps to move your emails from one inbox to another in the Mail app for Mac

Step one: You now need to launch the Mail app on your Mac. Once you are in, you are supposed to open the inbox of the email account with the emails you wish to move to another account

Step two: Once you are done, use Shift + Click to select all the emails you wish to transfer to another account

Step three: Click and drag all the selected emails into the account from the app’s sidebar. Once you are done, you will notice all your selected emails here.

Note that the above-mentioned process will remove all the emails you have from the previous inbox.

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Let us know if you stumble upon any issues during the process in the comments below.

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