Here is how you can scan a QR code using Google Chrome on iPhone

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QR code is not just restricted to keeping track of vehicles during manufacturing, it is now tied to identifying items, advertisements, billboards and much more. QR code also comes bundled with many third-party apps out there. For example, it is currently used as a login mechanism in Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp.


If you are now using Google Chrome as your default web browser on your iPhone, you may not have noticed that Chrome comes with a feature for scanning QR codes on board, eliminating the need for a separate app to be installed on your device.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the steps to scan a QR code using Google Chrome on your iPhone. Before we get started, make sure that you are now running the latest version of Google Chrome. If you have not already done so, do it first.

Steps to scan a QR code using Google Chrome on your iPhone

Step one: Once you have updated your web browser to the latest version, you now can scan a QR Code with or without 3D Touch

Step two: If you now own an iPhone with 3D Touch support (iPhone 6s or newer), you first need to perform a 3D Touch gesture on the Google Chrome app icon from your home screen and select “Scan QR code” from the 3D Touch menu

  • If you now have an older iPhone, you now need to access Spotlight on your iPhone by swipe to the right from your home screen. Once you are done, type “QR Code” in the search field and tap on the “Scan QR code” option under Google Chrome section

Step three: Once you are done, your iPhone’s camera will automatically launch and display a frame containing white corners. All you need to do now is to point the camera at the QR code. Make sure that the QR code is within the frame

Step four: When you are done, your web browser will read the QR code and display the output. If the QR code is a URL, you simply need to tap on it to open a webpage in Safari

Note that Google Chrome’s feature for scanning QR codes is now available on iPhone only, so don’t bring out your iPad or iPod Touch and expect it works.

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