Here is how you can watch ripped videos in TV app on your iPhone

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In iOS 10.2, Apple has officially removed the Videos app, instead introducing the new TV apps that serves as the perfect way to watch movies or TV shows. However, it appears that the new TV app fails to work properly with the ripped videos or the content ripped from DVDs.


In reality, many users have reported that they cannot watch their ripped videos using the new TV app, while others say that they cannot sync their videos to their iPhone with iTunes. If you are now experiencing the issue, we believe that we can help you out.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to watch ripped videos in TV app on your iPhone. Make sure that you are now running iOS 10.2 before moving ahead.

Tips to watch ripped videos in TV app on your iPhone

  1. Enable TV Widget in iOS 10.2 on your iPhone

Step one: First off, you need to swipe left to right on your Home screen to access the Lock screen. If your iPhone is now locked, you simply press the home button to unlock your device

Step two: Next up, you are now supposed to tap on Edit button at the bottom to proceed. After that, you need to scroll down and tap on the + button next to the TV Widget

Step three: You now need to tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen.

  1. Make sure you update iTunes to the latest version

If the above-mentioned solution does not work for you, try updating iTunes to the latest version. Once you have updated iTunes, you need to activate TV Widget using the above process, restart both your Mac and iOS device and try syncing your videos

  1. Download and install third-party apps

There are tons of third-party apps out there that get the job done. We recommend you use VLC or Infuse to get non-Apple video content on your iPhone.

If the issue still persist, try changing media kind from music video to home video. Once you are done, add your videos to Movie playlist and try playing all of them.

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