Hide the application and create a two-level folder without Jailbreak


In today’s article, we will learn how to hide the application and place the folder in the folder (tautology inevitable :). Jailbreak is not required.

Each new version of the mobile operating system iOS makes user interaction with the smartphone more practical and convenient. But if the final release was perfect and did not include bugs or flaws – life would be boring and uninteresting. All users of the iOS platform are divided into the following categories: those who are satisfied with the regular set of functionality and those who are willing to fight to the last with justice, setting all sorts of tweaks from Cydia .There is another category – users looking for bugs and holes in order to improve the functionality of the device. Discuss such.

Hide applications


Using third-party tweaks on the device with the jailbreak, you can hide the icons of applications that you want to hide from prying eyes. Who is looking for – he always finds. Without complex manipulations, and only armed with a good response, you can hide any icon.

1. Go to the main (first) page Springboard.
2. Fill in the box to failure: depending on the device – 20 or 24 application icons.
3. The application you are going to hide, should be placed on any other page Springboard.
4. Press and hold your finger on the icon of the application (such as when you remove). Without lifting your finger, drag the icon to the first page of Springboard.
5. Without releasing the icon, move it into any application ( attention! – not the folder).
6. Continue to hold your finger. This will open the newly created folder. Do not release the icon and its output beyond the gray background folder in the dock bar (bottom panel with the handset, mail and browser).
7. Once the application returns from the folder (the one to which you move the original icon), release your finger in the Dock. Icon will disappear.

Find the icon, you can only find out by using Spotlight .

In order to hide the icon reappeared on Springboard, enough to restart the device. But this only you know 🙂

Folder in the folder (Nested Folder)

Familiar folder in the mobile operating system iOS was not always the case. Up to iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod owners have been forced to place dozens of icons on 5-6 pages Springboard.


The number of applications in the App Store is growing exponentially. Users, devices that store more than 200 applications are faced with the fact that even a folder does not solve the problem of clutter and complexity in finding the desired application. By default, iOS does not provide investment “folder to folder, but it all depends solely on your responses:

For the operation to introduce folder to folder, we need two applications previously created folder.

1. Tapnite finger on the application and continue to hold (such as when you remove).
2. Once the icon will increase in size and you can move it, place it on another application icon.
3. The moment will create the folder, release and move the icons tapnite the detention on the desired folder . Do not release your finger.
4. Caught folder you can move to the newly created.


Feature of this movement is as follows: a nested inside the folder is not visible until the opening of the directory. After experimenting with folders, you can achieve some of this effect.

This bug (or latent possibility, which is silent Apple) works on all iOS versions from 7.0 and up to 8.1.3 .