How Many Hours do you Need to Work to Buy iPhone 5S

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Apple’s smartphones are among the most desired devices worldwide. Despite this, in many cases, users are buying cheaper phones on another operating system, especially in countries where the cost of the iPhone is high enough. Resource Business Insider conducted a study and published statistics for different regions and countries, figuring out how many hours you need to work a person to buy an iPhone 5S.

Thus, U.S. residents, workers at the plant, must have worked 30 hours (at a salary of 24 $/chas) to acquire the iPhone 5S with 16 GB of internal memory for 707 $. Approximately the same number of hours should devote work European workers in Switzerland, Denmark and Australia. Brazilian plant employees receive 5.95 $ / hour, so they have to work 200 hours to purchase iPhone 5S for 1196 $ in his region. In China, workers are paid $ 1.74 per hour, so they need to spend 499 hours to afford the iPhone 5S cost 868 $.



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