How to Enable The Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite in Mac

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On June 2, the official portal of the Apple appeared test version OS X Yosemite , which is presented on the same day in San Francisco. It got a lot of innovations and updated applications. One of the innovations in this operating system has been the emergence function “Dark Mode” , which displays a translucent menu in black, and the text will become bright.


The very first test version of the OS X Yosemite , a mode called Dark Mode for some reason did not work. Therefore, one of the developers of Apple named Jean-David snake decided to pay the issue more time and as a result, now it worked! He managed to rectify this limitation by using banal manipulation.

Let’s look at How to include “Dark” mode in OSX 10.10  Yosemite :

  1. Press right click on System Appearance.bundle -> then click and  Show the contents in the package.
  2. Open Content, and then Resources.
  3. Rename in the following: Graphite
  4. Open Settings, then General.
  5. In the dropdown menu you want to change in line with the appearance of blue on graphite.
  6. Finish the session account, and then again you have to log on.


Currently “Dark” mode is being finalized, so it has differences in appearance that showed cupertinovtsy on WWDC’14, but but you can understand the meaning and functionality of this option!


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