How familiar applications display on Apple Watch?

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Despite the screen is smaller than iPhone, the optimal interface will help you to track the contents and manipulate them easily.


The first Apple Watch has come to the programmer and some users to try before they can be sold officially on April 24th next.
Besides the design of each kind of watch, perhaps the issue that many people are interested in how the interface on the tiny screen will look like? Does it show the complete content and handy for manipulating or not?
Steven Troughton-Smith- the apps developer for iOS is one of the first people to try Apple Watch. He wrote out a tool that can help users take screenshots applications operating on this watch. Therefore, it may help us learn more about Apple Watch before deciding to buy or not.
Below is a screenshot of some familiar applications operating on Apple Watch. According to Apple, the next time will also have thousands of applications which are compatible with this device.
apple-watch-screenshot-1 apple-watch-screenshot-2 apple-watch-screenshot-3 apple-watch-screenshot-4 apple-watch-screenshot-5 apple-watch-screenshot-6 apple-watch-screenshot-7

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