How to access Restrictions and Parental Controls

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Restrictions feature of iOS, also known as Parental Controls, is a great way for parents to limit apps and content on their children iPhone, iPad. In iOS 12 version, Restrictions have been renamed to a brand-new section within Settings. Here’s to get to the expanded set of parental controls in the iOS 12 version.

How to access Restrictions on iPhone/ iPad

Restrictions have now moved to the Screen Time settings in iOS 12 version. Here is how you can access Restrictions on both iOS 12 and older versions.

How to access Restrictions in iOS 12

Managing restrictions with parental controls have now been an integral part of the new Screen Time features in iOS 12. However, all parental controls found in iOS 11 are still available to people who want to manage their children’s devices with the latest iOS 12 software. To do so:

1) Launch the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 12

2) Tap on Screen Time section

3) If you’ve already enabled Screen Time, skip the next step. If not, enable Screen Time, choose Continue on the following screen and tap on This is My Child’s iPhone.

Now, you can follow the onscreen instructions to create the Restrictions passcode before using the several parental controls at your disposals such as Downtime, App Limits, and more.

4) Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions option. To activate Restrictions, toggle the switch near Content & Privacy Restrictions to on.

Here’s what you can do with Screen Time:

  • Activity Reports
  • Downtime
  • App Limits
  • Always Allowed
  • Content & Privacy Restrictions

To restrict the apps that your kids will not have permission to access, simply tap on Allowed Apps and turn off any apps you don’t want to show up on the device.  But you should keep in mind that you have to enable as well as configure Screen Time on all devices used by your kids.

Screen Time is great for those who want to manage their device usage, but especially helpful for kids and families. Parents cannot just access both their own and children’ activity reports to understand where children are spending their time better, but also set app limits remotely.


How to access Restrictions/Parental Controls on iOS 11

On iOS 11 and older versions, Restrictions can be found in a different place in the Settings app. To find it:

1) Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 11 or older.

2) Tap on General > Restrictions.

By tapping on the Enable Restrictions option, you’ll be asked to create a passcode, which is required to type in before changing any settings or disabling Restriction. You should confuse the Restrictions passcode with the passcode of your device since they are different and can be set independently.

Here is what you can do:

  • Restrict the use of stock Apple apps and features
  • Prevent access to explicit content
  • Prevent access to some certain websites
  • Restrict changes to the privacy settings
  • Restrict changes to other settings

Interestingly, Parental Controls are also available on MacOS and iTunes. If you are using Mac, Parental Controls allow you to manage content and restrict the same features and settings like what you do on your iPhone/iPad.

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