How to Authorize Your Computer For iTunes

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If you are familiar with iTunes, you may usually use iTunes Store in the software to download music, and other your favorite media files. Moreover, your computer will be able to access apps, books, and other content. When making purchases with your Apple ID, iTunes requires you to authorize your computer. This grants your computer permission to sync these downloads to your iOS devices. In this post today, we will tell you how to authorize your computer for iTunes.

How to Authorize Your Computer for iTunes

Before getting started, you should note that you can only authorize a computer through iTunes on your computer. You cannot do authorizations remotely. Moreover, you can use your Apple ID for authorization up to 5 computers.

  1. First, launch iTunes app right from the Dock, Finder, or LaunchPad on Mac or click on iTunes icon from the desktop on your Windows PC.
  2. Ensure you sign in with your Apple ID

Move to the Account tab in the top to sign in your Apple ID. iTunes will then prompt you to enter your login information. Both Mac and PC computers have the same Account tab on the menu bar.

  1. Authorize your computer

The steps to authorize your computer are similar on both Mac and Windows PC. Make the iTunes menu bar appear on Windows just by pressing Control + B.

Move to Account to summon the drop-down menu. Click on Authorizations, and arrow over to Authorize This Computer option and select it.

iTunes will then prompt you to enter your password. After doing this, simply press either Return or Enter button on the keyboard, or click on Authorize button. Your computer will then be authorized.

You might be asked to authorize your computer again. If you select to do this, another of your 5 authorizations will no longer be used. You now know how to authorize your computer for iTunes, which is very simple. You can follow these steps in the future when you need, or when you replace your computer.


How to Check Your Authorization Count

If you’d like to view the number of your used authorizations, you will have to visit your account summary. However, make sure you sign into iTunes with your Apple ID.

In the menu bar, go to Account > View My Account

It will display an overview of your Apple ID, including key information associated with your account. The page also shows up the number of authorizations, which are currently used near “Computer Authorizations” option. However, keep in mind that you are not able to view the names of these computers on this page. Of course, you will not see the Authorizations section if you have not authorized for at least 2 or more computers.

If there are more computers authorized than expected, you will have to deauthorize previously approved computers. These might be retired or sold machines.

Thanks for reading our post! If you want to troubleshoot any further issues relating to authorizations, please visit here.



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