How to avoid Mail directly on

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If you use iCloud email on both your Mac and iOS device, you might know its benefits such as rich text email messages, Mail Drop for big attachments, and more.

Although Apple’s Mail apps on Mac, iOS devices are very similar, it’s not identical in the offered features. You can access your iCloud email with a web browser using your Mac or PC. The web-based iCloud Mail version offers some features, which are easy to implement.

How to access iCloud Mail with a Browser

  1. Open your favorite and visit
  2. Log in your Apple ID and password.
  3. Click on the Mail

You have now accessed your iCloud email, and from there, you can make a few things easier.

How to automatically forward your Mail

You could establish a rule in the Mail preferences on your Mac to automatically forward your mail to another address. However, if you just want to simply forward your incoming email messages to another email account, is the best place to help you do that.

  1. Click on the Action menu at the bottom and select ... option
  2. Click on General.
  3. Tick on the box to forward your email and then enter an email address. You can also check the box to remove messages after you forward it.
  4. Click on Done.

How to add an Alias

You can also set up a temporary email address without having to reveal your actual iCloud email address. For instance, you can create an email alias for an event, then delete it when the event ends.

  1. From the Preferences window, click on Accounts.
  2. Select Add an alias….
  3. Enter the alias name and other details and click OK.
  4. Click Done.


How to create a Vacation Reply

With forwarding mail, you can also create a mail rule to automatically reply to email messages while you are enjoying a vacation. However, it’s a complex process, and you can only do it on your MacOS. But if you go into this sort of thing, you will see it can easily be done on

  1. From the Preferences window, click on Vacation.
  2. Check the “automatically reply to messages when they are received”
  3. Enter the start date and the end date, as well as a vacation message.
  4. Click on Done when you finish.


How to Add a Mail Rule

The Mail app in Mac comes with a powerful mechanism for creating rules that can perform actions on them. However, the Mail app does not have the ability to create mail rules to those of macOS.

Mail on stays between Mac and iOS counterparts. There is only a simple rule to forward messages, mark them as read, or place in different folders that you can do on Here’s how to make a rule.

  1. From the Preferences window, click on Rules.
  2. Click on Add a Rule…. option
  3. Choose criteria for the message and an action that you want to perform.
  4. Click on Done.

That’s how to get out of Mail directly on If you have any question, let’s know in the comment.


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