How to check if your iPhone 6s is eligible for a free Battery replacement

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Last week, Apple announced that it will replace the faulty batteries for iPhone 6s following a number of reports of battery issues that caused a small number of iPhone 6s units to unexpectedly shut down.


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Apple posted on its support website that this is not a safety problem and the number of iPhone 6s smartphones affected are limited to models manufactured between September and October 2015 and those with the affected device could bring it to any Apple retail store or an authorized Service Center to get free battery replacement.

Apple today released a tool that allows iPhone 6s users to check if their device is eligible for a free battery replacement. The new page lets you enter your iPhone 6s’ serial number and you will learn if your iPhone 6s is among those that may be affected by the random shutdown issue. To find the serial number of your iPhone 6s, you can head to Settings, scroll down to General and tap on it. After that, tap About to see the serial number of your phone.

If your iPhone 6s falls into the eligible manufacturing date, you need to create a backup of your device via iCloud or iTunes, disable Find My iPhone and erase all data and settings. To do this, you simply need to go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Erase all content and settings. Once you are done, you are now free to bring your iPhone 6s to an authorized App Store or a retail store for free battery replacement.

Apple will refund for those who have paid to have the battery on their iPhone 6s replaced. According to sources, the battery supplies are constrained and many Apple Store will have to wait to receive stock for repairs, so Apple will first offer free battery replacement for who specifically report random shutdown issues.

Note that your iPhone 6s must be in good working condition. Apple will not offer free batteries for those with a cracked screen. In this case, Apple will replace the screen first before getting the battery exchanged and there will be cost linked with the exchange.

Is your iPhone 6s eligible for a free battery replacement? Let us know in the comments below.

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