How to check iPhone carrier / network for FREE ?

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You’re in trouble with a Locked iPhone and you don’t know how and where to check your iPhone carrier to start an unlocking? So Congratulations, you’ve found the right place to help you solve that trouble.

Today I will share you this tutorial to check your iPhone carrier / network and it’s absolutely FREE ! Ok, let’s do it.

Method 1: Fast and Free iPhone carrier checking – No payment required

Before starting, I have to note that this method is not always 100% exact. The exact rate is from 50% to 100%, but it’s fast and absolutely Free.

Step 1: Go to Free iPhone carrier check by

Step 2: Insert your iPhone IMEI number and hit “Enter” button (Dialing *#06# to get your IMEI) – Look at the picture below


Step 3: Get your iPhone information and start checking carrier for Free

If you inserted a valid IMEI number, you will see the result like this

Start checking your iPhone carrier for FREE
Start checking your iPhone carrier for FREE

Then simply click to the button “Free carrier check” and wait for 5-30 seconds. You have 5 free checks / day. If you need to check more IMEI, you should use Premium check.

But let’s talk more about this information, is it exact? The answer is: Not always! Let me give some examples for you by 2 screenshot pictures below


If your checking result appears like this without any information about exact rate, it means this result is 100% exact (Click to the image to get full size)

iPhone carrier checking result with 100% exact
iPhone carrier checking result with 100% exact

This checking result is not 100% exact (Click to the image to get full size)

iPhone carrier checking result - Not 100% exact
iPhone carrier checking result – Not 100% exact


If your result has low exact rate (about 40-60%) and you need to confirm it with 100% exact result, just keep reading because there is 2nd method help you doing that and also 100% FREE

Method 2: iPhone carrier checking – Premium service – 100% free – PayPal required

Actually, this method is buying premium checking service from iPhoneIMEI.Net . But they’re running a special program which allows you to get 100% your money back ! It’s cool, right? Let’s start!

Step 1: Go to Premium iPhone carrier check

Step 2: Complete the payment and wait for your information

Once payment is completed via PayPal, you have to wait 1-15 minutes. iPhoneIMEI.Net will send your iPhone checking result to your email address.

The checking result will include these information: iPhone model and version – color, Serial number, Active status, iOS version, First activation date, Last activation date, Warranty, Find my iPhone, Carrier and Sim lock status

Look at the screenshot below:

Special offer for iPhone carrier check
Special offer for iPhone carrier check

Step 3: Follow the offer and send confirmation email

This offer has just recently started because this company is starting collecting customer reviews. It also approved for any other services in their website.

So, let following their offer to give them your positive review and then send an email to : [email protected]

You can send email like this one:

Email subject : Confirm my review !

Email body :

Hello, I’ve just posted my review at [Paste the link here]

My username at trustpilot is: XXX

My email is: XXX (Must be matched with the email you’re using to send)

My order ID is : XXX (Get from your confirmation email)

Please give me my money back as your promise.

Thank you


So, I’ve just finished my tutorial helping you to check your iPhone carrier for FREE !!! If you love my tutorial, please click G+ and Facebook share button 😉

Thank you


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