How to check your Mac’s hard drive space

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If you have been using your Mac for a long time, then it’s time to clean up the mess to get more disk space. macOS includes several ways to help you find out how much disk space you have left on your computer, without the need for a third-party app to be installed on your device.

In reality, photos, videos, and files tend to build up over time, taking up a large amount of your computer’s disk space. If you are looking for a simple way to check your Mac’s free hard drive space, then we are here to help.

How to check Mac’s hard drive space

  1. Using the Finder

The Finder has been an essential part of macOS since the launch day, allowing you to locate and organize your documents, folders, and media. The macOS Finder also gives you an overview of your Mac’s hard drive space. The process is pretty simple and here is how.

Step one: First off, select the storage device on your Mac and then hit the spacebar button (if you don’t see your storage device, head to the Finder, then select Preferences from the pull-down menu and select Show these items on the Desktop option

Step two: Once you press the spacebar button, you should see a window that gives you an overview of your disk’s storage space

MacOS also allows you to get a status of your disk’s storage space right from your Finder. This comes in handy, as it eliminates the need to go into the Settings on your Mac.

To turn on the Finder’s status bar, open the Finder window on your Mac > View > Show Status bar. Once you are done, you should see how much storage space you have left at the bottom of the Finder window.

  1. Get Info

If you find the above-mentioned method annoying, then you can use the Get Info window to check how much disk space you have left. However, the process might be unknown to many folks. With that in mind, we are here to help.

Step one: Locate your hard drive in the Finder and then select it

Step two: Click the File menu at the top and then select Get Info from the pull-down menu

Step three: Once you are done, a window should show up and gives you all information about your disk, including kind, date of creation, version, and capacity.

  1. About box

With a modern version of macOS, you can use the About box to check your Mac’s disk space. The process is pretty simple and we will show you how in the section below.

Step one: Click on the Apple menu at the top of the display and then select About This Mac from the drop-down menu

Step two: Once you are in, make sure you select the Storage tab. When you are in, you should see how much space you have left on your Mac.

Alternatively, you can use your Mac’s Disk Utility to check your Mac’s disk space. To do this, open Disk Utility, and then select the hard drive from the list.

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