How to control iPhone with head movements

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IPhones bring many really good features for users to experience, but you might not know all hidden features inside your iPhone. In this article today, we will show you a useful accessibility feature that allows you to control your iPhone with head movements.

Control iPhone With Head Movements

To enable the head gestures for your iPhone, you can do the following steps:

  1. Open Settings app on your iPhone, and go to General ->Accessibility.


  1. Scroll down to the Interaction sub-heading, tap on Switch Control and head to Switches.


  1. Next, tap on Add New Switch->Camera.


  1. Select Left Head Movement and choose Switch Action you want to assign.


  1. Now, select Right Head Movement and the same with Left Head Movement, here you can choose whatever Switch Action you want to assign. You can set up for Notification Center, Siri….


  1. Once finish setting up, back to the main Switch Control It can be found at Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Switch Control


  1. On the top of your screen, activate Switch Control.


  1. Now, move your head left, and iPhone will carry out the function you assigned to “Left Head Movement”, and when you move your head right, and the phone will perform the function you assigned to “Right Head Movement”; for example, it launches Siri when you move your head right.

Head gestures are now enabled on iPhone.


 You can assign the head movement gestures to actions like Tap to use your phone with head gestures. However, we do not recommend this as its speed is very slow to perform your tasks.

Improve Sensitivity for Easier Control

Once you have successfully set up gesture control for your iPhone, you need to tweak it for your preference. You usually have to move your head (left or right) very obviously in order to carry out the switch action.

Fortunately, the sensitivity of movements can be changed, even though it is a low level of control. If the feature does not work fine with you, follow the instructions below to improve the gesture sensitivity of your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings, and head to General ->Accessibility

 settings-accessibility (1)

  1. Scroll down to the Interaction sub-heading, tap on Switch Control and head to Switch Stabilization


  1. Here, there are two options for you to edit according to your preference.

  • Hold Duration
  • Head Movement Sensitivity
  1. Tap on the Head Movement Sensitivity to adjust. Change the sensitivity from Low to High


  1. Finally, go Back and tap on Hold Duration. Turn it on, and set up the default value of 0.10 seconds.


Now, you can try the Switch Control, and it will work with smaller head movements to carry out your actions.

It is really a fun and useful feature, only with two head movements, you are now able to launch apps or control your phone with gestures like in action movies.

There are a lot of useful features to explore and tweak in the iPhone’s Accessibility section. You can tweak the hold duration to different values in order to find the most suitable value.

 Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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