How to Make a Personal Wallpaper for iOS 7 in iPhone, iPad

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iOS does not give much room for customization of iPhone system. However, something we can still do like increase the font size or change the wallpaper, for example. In this case, everything will be much more attractive and convenient. And if simply changing fonts in the settings, then wallpaper can express their creativity and make like Apple, but only their own and unique.


For creativity iPhoto can be used or any other photo editors, which are available in the App Store pretty much: both paid and free. If you are a supporter of solving problems with minimal cost, then pay attention to Snapseed . This is a free application that can be useful to you not only for the creativity but, for creating your own themes, It can be also used for who failed to retouch photos. Opportunities in this respect, the program is very good, although the interface at first glance seems weird (actually you just get used to it).


The application can be downloaded free from the App Store. Then you can take a failed or successful photo (still from her little that remains after the work is completed). And you can turn the camera when you press the shutter to do something similar to the wiring.


Then, with the resulting image you need to play with the scenes, by applying special effects available in this photo editor to it. Since our goal is to create a “applewallpaper, it should definitely use the tool “Blur.Through the use of this tool your initially unsharp picture will turn into a full-daub, “a LA abstract“.

iOS-8-wallpaper iOS-wallpaper-download



Well there are vintage effects such as sepia, with which you can artificially age the picture taken, make it scratched and mysteriously unknown. Others apply option Retrolux, making shots like in the pictures from Polaroid.


When done playing with the frame, click on Save and continue your work in “Photography“. In order to put your product on the imperishable “Desktop” tablet you just go to “Settings” and in the “Desktop brightness” and put their your personal wallpaper.

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