How to disable Voicemail on iPhone

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If you are a businessmen/woman or busy person, voice mail service is very useful as you have to receive a lot of calls in a day, and some of them have to be left unattended. With the voice mail server, it can take the unattended calls, and store the messages in the voicemail so you retrieve later if required. However, this is not a necessary feature for everyone and as it costs much money to use voicemail service, many people do not want to have the service activated.

There are still many operators who do not even offer the voicemail service, there is no reason to keep the feature on in this case. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to turn off Voice mail on your iPhone. The trick  is  pretty easy, and does not require that you must be a technology expert.


How to turn off Voice Mail on iPhone

Disabling the voice mail service can work on all the iOS versions (Almost all your devices are running the latest versions of iOS except the users of old iPhones like 4 or 3GS), but the voice mail does not care for the old version your device running.

To stop the voicemail service on your iPhone, open the phone app from the Home screen first. Then you will see the green icon placed in the bottom bar of the home screen. By default, it is placed there and if you do not remove, it will remain there.


Next, you dial a number combination to open the voicemail settings. The secret code here is ##2002#. You should remember to dial the green call button after putting all the numbers in, pressing the last hash will not actually open the settings. If this part is done correctly, a grey background display will appear with three messages ‘Voice Call Forwarding’, ‘Data Call Forwarding’, and ‘Fax Call Forwarding’. This display indicates that  the voicemail service has been turned off for all three types of calls, tap on ‘Dismiss’ to exit this screen.


If you need to activate voicemail again, you can contact with your operator’s voicemail service activation.

Other options of Call Forwarding

There are different features similar to Call Forwarding hidden in your iPhone. For instances, when the number is out of network, or is busy in a conversation with another number but you want the calls to reach the voice mail inbox, you can follow the combinations for these settings below:

  • Press ##62# + (green call button) to turn off voicemail service (or call forwarding) when your iPhone is out of network.
  • Press ##61# to turn off delayed forwarding in iPhones.
  • Press ##67# to disable when you are in the middle of a call with another person.
  • Press ##21# to disable the global call forwarding option.

Here are the common call forwarding options, some operators might offer more extras.

 If you do not like this insignificant way with the voicemail settings, you should call to the customer service department of your operator to fix your concerns.

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