How to download BitTorrent files on macOS using commands

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Files being downloaded through the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol are the only realm of graphical user-interface programs with overcoming system resource. If you want to minimize your work or use the terminal to visually hide the programs running on your computer, you can then try installing command line tools to download BitTorrent files for you. Here’s how to download BitTorrent files on your MacOS.

 Download BitTorrent files with Transmission

Transmission is an open source software that can help you manage, create, edit, as well as download BitTorrent files. The transmission will use the command line to manipulate .torrent format file. However, you are able to install a graphics front end for running the same commands if you don’t like using the terminal.

Get Transmission

Since Transmission is a free and open-source software, you can download it directly from its official website. If your Mac has installed Homebrew, you can issue the installation command below to get started.

  • Open terminal on your Mac
  • After you have Brew installed type in brew installation transmission, hit enter
  • If you need the GUI, you can also install it by entering brew cask install transmission.

That’s all!

How to Use Transmission

After you’ve downloaded a torrent file, you can now place it into any directory you like. All you need now is just to recall that directory when you issue a new download command. For example, if you put your .torrent file in the Downloads folder.

  • Open terminal on your Mac
  • Change the directory to the Downloads folder by typing in cd ~/Downloads/.
  • Hit Enter confirm.

Transmission will now automatically start downloading .torrent files in the directory that you set up. So in this post, the .torrent file is in Downloads.

  • Once again in the terminal, enter: transmission-daemon –foreground -c ~/Downloads/

The transmission service will now run in the foreground, which means you will be able to watch the program running in the terminal and there is no other command that is issued in that terminal window. Some users like this as they can monitor what the .torrent download is doing. You can optionally skip the –foreground command and have everything run in the background and no one can know that!

Once done, the download will be saved in the same directory as the .torrent file.


More options

There are still a variety of other options that you can take look at issuing the transmission-daemon command in the terminal in order to read out the documentation. On top of that, other commands can still help the installation of Transmission like transmission-create to create .torrent files, transmission-edit to edit .torrent files or transmission-show to view .torrent properties.

What do you think about downloading BitTorrent files on macOS with commands? Let’s know in the comment below.

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