How to edit photos in iOS 10 on iPhone

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In iOS 10, the Photos app has received a new look along with some smart tricks, making it much easier for users to navigate their photos. One of the best features Apple has added to its Photos app is facial recognition that identifies people, objects and places in your photos. However, the Photos app can do more than you think.


With iOS 10, the Photos app now supports Raw image support & editing. The new feature allows you to edit your images right directly within the app. Beside that, the Photos app is now opened to third-party apps. This means that you now can download and install third-party editing extensions to spice up your picture.

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In this post, we will walk you through the steps to edit images in iOS 10 photos app. Before we get started, make sure that your iPhone is now running iOS 10 or later. If not, check for your updates and update your device.

Steps to edit photos in iOS 10 photos app on iPhone

Step one: First and foremost, you need to launch the Photos app from your phone’s home screen.

Step two: Head to Photos and select a picture you wish to edit to proceed

Step three: If you are looking for the Edit button, something you have been accustomed to since iOS 9, stop looking around because Apple has removed the Edit button in iOS 10. All you have to do now is to tap on the three horizontal lines Option in the bottom-right corner to bring up photo editing tools.

Step four: From here, you can edit your image to your liking; you can crop your photo, add more colors or light. Once you are done, tap Done.

Steps to use third-party editors in iOS 10

With iOS 10 , Apple has finally opened its door to third-party developers. A number of apps and game have already been created to make the most of iOS 10. In this case, third-party editors allow you do a lot of things to make your pictures unique including the ability to add text style on your Camera roll.

In this post, we will take Markup, one of our favorite third-party apps, as an example. Before we proceed with step-by-step instructions, make sure that you have got Markup installed on your iPhone. If not, head to the App Store and download the app.

Step one: Head to the Photos app and open a picture

Step two: Once you are done, tap on the three horizontal Lines. After that, tap More to bring up all the installed Photos editors.

Step three: All you have to do now to tap on Markup and start editing your photo

That’s it! iOS 10 comes with a lot more exciting features. If you now using a supported iOS device, iOS 10 is really something you don’t want to miss at all.

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