How to fix app crashes on your iPhone

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Apps on your iPhone don’t work perfectly all the time, as you may encounter crashes or unresponsiveness sometimes. There are a number of reasons why your apps crash on your iPhone or iPad, ranging from older software update to issues with your own apps.

App crashes are not common on iPhone and iPad, but their effects could be devastating. If your iPhone or iPad apps frequently crash, don’t worry because we have a couple of solutions that help you fix the issue.

In this guide, we will go through the troubleshooting steps to fix app crashes on your iPhone. Before we get stared, make sure you now have a modern version of iOS on your device.

How to fix app crashes on your iPhone

  1. Restart your device

A restart is a good start to fix the issue. Restarting your iPhone may help deal with some minor problems like frozen keyboard, unresponsive home screen, or app crashes. The method used to restart an iPhone is pretty simple and we will show you how in the section below.

Step one: First off, you need to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the slider on the screen

Step two: Next up, drag the slider from left to right to turn off your iPhone

Step three: Once your iPhone turns off, simply press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again to boot up your iPhone.

Once you are done, re-launch the app and see if the problem has been fixed. If the problem still persists, make sure you read on.

  1. Quit the app and re-launch it

If the above-mentioned solution fails to work, try quitting the app and then relaunch it. Quitting an app on your iPhone is simple, as it only involves opening the App Switcher (double tap the home button or use AssistiveTouch) and swiping up on the app to close it. Once you are done, wait for a few seconds and re-launch the app on your device.

  1. Update your apps

If the problem still persists, there is a good chance that you now have an outdated version of the app. Therefore, make sure your apps are now up to date, since a new update usually comes with bug fixes and improvements. In this case, new versions of apps may help you fix app crashes.

There are several ways to update your iPhone apps. If you want to make sure that your apps are always up to date, you can enable automatic updates.  To do this, head to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads and turn on the switch for Updates.

  1. Uninstall the app and re-install it

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you, try uninstalling the app from your iPhone and then re-install it. To do this, tap and hold on the app icon until it starts jiggling. After that, hit the X button on the top left of the app icon and then select Delete to confirm. Once you are done, head to the App Store, find the app and install it.

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