How to improve battery life on iOS 9

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Apple’s iOS 9 update has not still solved the battery life problems for many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. In this article, we show you how to improve the battery life on iOS 9.x.x.

 Improve the Battery Life on iOS 9

Battery life problems can strike your device at any time so you should keep some of these tips

  • Activate ‘Low Power mode’ on iOS 9

The new Low Power Mode in iOS 9 allows users to stretch out the last 10-20% of battery life significantly longer without flipping a bunch of switches manually.

Simply go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > On and the iPhone will limit many items you used to control manually. This can add several hours of actual use to your iPhone.


With iOS 9.3.x, you will be able to use Low Power Mode with Night Shift feature.

  • Limit Background App Refresh

If you do not need your apps to refresh automatically in the background, you might try disabling the Background App Refresh feature that comes standard with iOS.

When you have apps on, they will work in the background and that can be a reason for the bad battery life.

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn it off for each app that is using too much power. It is a tedious process but it could help.


You can also turn the feature off completely if you do not want to go through your list of applications one by one.

  • Restart iPhone/ iPad

 You should also try restarting your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


If you do not know how to do this, hold down the Power button for a few seconds and swipe to shut the device down. Hold down the Power button again to boot the device back up.

 If that does not help, you can also try a hard reset. To do that, hold down the Home button and the Power button for about 10 seconds. The device will restart itself. As a reminder, this will not remove any of your data.

  • Reset All Settings

The first step to take is a reset on all of your device’s settings. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and then enter your passcode when the prompt appears.


The reset process could take five minutes and when it is done, it will restore your settings to their factory defaults. Make sure you have Wi-Fi passwords handy because your iPhone/iPad will forget them. This will not delete any of your files.

  • Restore the iOS 9 Update


If none of this works, you can try a restore on your iPhone or iPad. This should only be used as a last resort because it erases everything on your device and could take time to complete depending on how many data on your device.

You can try restoring from your backup after the iOS 9 update. If your iOS 9 battery life issues return after the restore, you can try this method again without restoring from the backup. Here is how to do this on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  • Plug in and backup to the computer or to iCloud
  • Turn off Find My iPhone: in Settings -> iCloud -> Find my iPhone -> Off
  • In iTunes Click Restore.
  • Follow the prompts and the iPhone will reinstall iOS 9 from scratch
  • When it completes click ‘Restore from Backup’ to put your information back on the iPhone or Choose to set up as a new iPhone

This could take from 20 minutes to an hour to complete so make sure you do it in a quiet place without any distractions.

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