How to fix if Macbook won’t copy

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Copy or copy data is an operation you will always encounter when using any device have data that can interact, the computer is one of them and of course Macbook is not an exception. However, a few cases encountered error in the process of using this device. It inform that the device cannot copy. So what’s problem here? Let us look at a few things about the state Macbook cannot copy.


1, Causes and how to fix Macbook not copy.

We’ll go clearly and specific circumstances about the reason why Macbook not copy the data.

No data on the clipboard: when you copy any data on the Macbook, that data will be backed up immediately on the clipboard, if you perform a paste, it will get data on it and insert. The problem here is that you do not really put the data into the clipboard so it does not copy out, the reason for this maybe you have forgotten or click, click unresponsively.

Solution: very simple, redo, ensuring that press key or click mouse ok.

Situation- the data is lost: this is one case when you insert other data into the clipboard, overwrite the data you want to copy. For example, you are copying the folder A, prepare to paste in the folder C, but due to some reasons, you copy it again, but this time you copy into the folder B, the result here is that in clipboard now will be B not folder A.


Solution: copy again.

Not enough memory: you can meet this circumstance very frequently because you do not notice the storage capacity of the destination folder, so the copy process will fail and the computer notifies failed. Example: file A with a capacity of 5 Gb, while the drive you want to copy only free 1 Gb, then the computer will report full capacity.

Solution: freeing storage.

Errors during the copy process: this is because the computer is having problems, your treatment system is overloaded or whatever reason which make it not copy.

How to fix: restart the computer, put all to return to the beginning, then the CPU will work better and will no longer happen problems about Macbook not copy.


Software error: even on Macbook, you can still use the software to support for data replication. If you are using, make sure that the software is still working, not overdue, or copyright expires.

Solution: Install the software, or removed to use the copy of the Macbook.

2, Tips when copying data

On a Macbook with OS X, you totally can perform all operations on the console, such as copy, move one file or one folder. If it does not allow, you can log in the root, then you can easily delete and copied any information.

Any data which is copied on the clipboard will be deleted if somewhat operation inserts this memory new data (such as the example above) and the cache is deleted when the Macbook off.


You can use keystroke such as Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste the data, including folders, files.

3, How to paste data

You click on the object, then right-click, open the menu box, select the paste to paste data into the cache. Besides, you can use the keystroke Command as above to control.

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