How to fix iPhone app stuck when downloading

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Millions of people worldwide love iPhones and Apple devices because they generally work great and do not usually run into problems. However, there are few issues that happen with your iPhone, as apps cannot download from App Store. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to fix app stuck when downloading from App Store.

  1. Refresh your Apple ID

You can simply sign out your Apple ID account and then sign it in back to App Store to fix the issue. To do this, head to Settings->iTunes & App Stores and tap on the Apple ID. When a pop-up displays, choose “Sign Out“


Once done, restart your iPhone and then go back to iTunes & App Stores and sign in your Apple ID. Open the App Store and press download arrow to reinstall app. This is a simple trick, but it has worked for a number of people facing the issue of apps stuck when downloading, so you should give it a try.

  1. Restart downloading of apps


You can try restarting app downloads to fix the issue. Open the App Store and tap on “Updates” tab and go to “Purchased“. You will find the apps that are stuck on downloading. Just stop the app downloads and tap on the download arrow again to restart downloads. This trick fixes the apps stuck for many iPhone users, so if the ways above do not help you, you can try this out.

  1. Enable Cellular data to download apps


The App Store will not allow you to install apps over cellular data by default. Therefore, it is no surprise that your apps are stuck when you are trying to install them. You can go to Settings->iTunes & App Store, turn on the “Use Mobile Data” option  in order to enable cellular data usage to download apps. Once activated, your app downloads will work fine.


  1. Reset Settings

In some cases, resetting Settings is also a good solution to fix apps stuck. Go to Settings>General->Reset and tap on “Reset All Settings“. Then, enter your iPhone’s passcode (if required) and tap “Reset All Settings”. After that, the device will reset all your app settings to the default.


Once restarted, unlock your iPhone, open the App Store, enter your Apple ID account and start downloading apps again. You can also reset the home screen layout as this option has apparently worked for some users.

Note: This just resets all your app settings and does not affect to your data.

  1. Install apps from iTunes

Another way to fix this problem is trying to install the apps stuck via iTunes on the computer. To do that, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac via USB cable. Click on the phone button to check out your iPhone’s details.


Go to the iTunes app store and download the apps you want. Once downloaded, click on the icon on the top left, choose iTunes Store, and authorize this computer by your Apple ID account.

Then, go to the Apps section and click ‘Sync’ to install these apps. After you have installed new apps from iTunes, open the App Store on your iPhone and try installing apps. Now, apps will be downloaded as normal.

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