How To Fix iPhone Screen Recording Not Working

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If you have just updated your device to iOS 12 version, you would probably notice an interesting feature, called screen recording. It allows you to record everything on your iPhone’s screen without any limitation. However, some users have complained that their iPhone screen recording was not working or not saving the recorded video. If you are getting trouble with recording screen on your iOS 12 iPhone, then this post will help you fix that issue. Attempt each of these methods until the problem is resolved.

  1. Make Sure Screen Recording Is Enabled

If Screen Recording isn’t enabled, you should open up Control Centre to check it. Go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls, tap on MORE CONTROLS -> find Screen Recording option and tap on the ‘+’ button.

  1. Try Rebooting your iPhone

If the screen recording is already turned on, but it isn’t working properly, then rebooting your device might be a good solution. All you need is pressing and holding the Power button for 10 seconds until you see the red slider appearing on the screen and then sliding it to off. Wait for a few minutes and press & hold the Power button again until you see Apple logo on the screen.

  1. Screen Recording Without Sound

Screen Recording comes with an option that allows recording with both audio and video or just with video or audio. There might be a high chance that your Screen Recording is working but without audio. In this case, you might have probably disabled the ‘Microphone Audio’.

Simply press & hold on the Screen Recording button from the Control Center and then you will see a pop up appearing with the Microphone audio option. All you need is tapping on the icon to turn the Audio On.

  1. Screen Recording is not Saved in Camera Roll 

Once you stop recording the screen, there will be a notification informing you that the screen recording video has already been saved into the Photos app. But if there is a space deficiency, it cannot be saved. You will then need to free up space by deleting unnecessary files or transferring them to your computer for backup.

Simply navigate to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage and delete all unwanted or extra apps and files.


  1. iPhone Heats up During Screen Recording

It’s another issue that some users have experienced and the device heating up to a certain degree when recording, playing games is not surprised. However, you can enhance performance by doing the following these tips:

  • Stopping some applications like games, videos. Switch them off if they aren’t necessary during the screen recording.
  • Disconnect your device from charging until you complete the screen recording.
  1. Screen Recorder Gets Crashed

Using iOS 12 on some old models like the iPhone 5s or iPad Mini 2 might cause the software to work badly. So, if you have already updated your device to the iOS 12, we highly recommend downgrading back to iOS 11 version. However, make sure to do it carefully.

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