How To Fix iPhone Screenshot Not Working in iOS 11

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Although iOS 12 public beta has recently been released, its official version will only roll out in September this year. Until then, many users still have iOS 11 run on their iPhone. However, there are a lot of iPhone users have found that they cannot take the screenshot on their device running iOS 11.x. If you are in the same difficulty with your iPhone, here is how to solve screenshot not working on your iPhone.

Capturing the screen comes with many other advantages, so you have to pay serious attention if you are not able to take a screenshot on your iDevices.

How To Fix Cannot Take Screenshot on iPhone/iPad

There is a dozen of reasons why you cannot take screenshots on your iOS device. This troubleshooting instruction includes software and hardware fixes for the issue.

  1. Charge your iPhone

Some users have noticed that screenshot not working in iOS 11 problem happened when their iPhone was at the low battery. The solution is simply connecting your iPhone to the power adapter and wait until it is fully charged. If the power source is not available, you can also use power banks, or wireless chargers (only for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X) to charge your iPhone.

  1. Force Restart your iPhone 

Force restart can fix many glitches on your iPhone, including the screenshot issue on your device. All you need is to quickly force your iPhone to reboot to fix the problem. To do so:

On iPhone X, 8/8 Plus model: press and quickly release volume up button. Continue to do the same with the volume down button. Finally, press and hold the Power button until you see Apple logo on the screen.

On your iPhone 7/7 Plus model: just press and hold the Power and volume down buttons at the same time.

On older iPhone and iPad models: press and hold the home and Power buttons simultaneously.

  1. Use AssistiveTouch To Take Screenshot

AssistiveTouch takes a function as a replacement of the physical home button on your iPhone. Although there is no longer a physical Home button on iPhone X, the virtual button can perform different tasks. Additionally, this floating button on your screen will also remind you of the traditional home button, which has already missed on iPhone X. A better solution is getting a virtual home button on your iPhone X, and then using it to take screenshots.


  1. Use 3D Touch to Take Screenshots

3D Touch feature was first integrated into iPhone 6s, and then it has become a fixture in all newer models (except for iPhone SE). You can use the 3D Touch feature to take screenshots on your iPhone. To do so:

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → AssistiveTouch, select 3D Touch and choose Screenshot. From now, every time you long press the AssistiveTouch button, it will automatically take a screenshot.

  1. Update your Software

If you find the issue is related to software, you can update your phone to the latest build released by Apple. Apple has recently rolled out public beta iOS 12, and you can update your device to the latest iOS 12 version.


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