How to fix scratches on Apple Watch with $5 ?

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Metal edges of products from Apple are very vulnerable after only a short period of use, and Apple Watch is no exception.

Specifically, some first stainless steel version Apple Watch users have confirmed that their watches have been scratched on both sides only after a day of use. This is really a very big problem for manufacturers as Apple Watch because this version is not cheap at all and especially, a smart watch should be completed much better than the expectations of customers.

How to fix scratches on Apple Watch
How to fix scratches on Apple Watch

Both steel shell and aluminum shell version appear this condition, in which the steel shell version shows scratches more prominent because its surface was polished. In fact, that the scratches appear is a common thing, especially with wrist devices. Users are absolutely inevitable with bumps in daily life. However, the thing worth mentioning here is that although time use Apple Watch is not long (only one day), your device has appeared such severe scratches.

In fact, Apple needs to do better in the production of its products because it has always been considered as a fashion icon and perfection. Hopefully, Apple will soon give the answer about this and make the perfect plans for Apple Watch in the next shipment.

However, Watch Apple users around the world should not be too worried about this because recently, an account named Dom Esposito has uploaded to Youtube an introduction video about a solution which can hide scratches and bring polish back for Apple products. Each bottle of solution costs only 5USD, equivalent to a very small value part of Apple Watch.

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