How to Fix “Software Update Failed” Error In iOS 12

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Apple has officially released the public iOS 12 version and many iOS users updated their iOS device to this latest one. However, many of them faced a problem when there was a message appearing on the screen “Software Update Failed: An error occurred downloading iOS 12” error. If you are in the same trouble when updating your device to 12 version, here are some possible solutions you could try to fix the “iOS 12 software update failed” error.

How to Fix iOS 12 Software Update Failed Error

Below are 4 ways to fix the “iOS 12 software update failed” error on your iPhone, iPad or

iPod touch.

  1. Try downloading the firmware again

Have you tried updating several times already? When the error shows up, there will be two options, called “Close” and “Settings”. All you need to press the Close button to exit the error message, then wait for a couple of minutes and start installing iOS 12 again by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.

  1. Wait for a few hours before updating again

When every new iOS firmware is released to the public, there will be millions of iOS users that are trying to install it right away. The result is that there is a huge amount of traffic on Apple servers, so it will sometimes fail to keep up with your request. So, it is best to wait for a few hours or a few days and then you can try it again, as the load on Apple servers is reduced.


  1. Update to iOS 12 with iTunes

If none of two solutions helps you, you should consider updating to iOS 12 using iTunes on your computer. All you need is to simply plug your device into your computer, open iTunes and then click on the Update button in the Summary tab. After that, just wait for the process to complete and your device will automatically reboot.

  1. Manually Install iOS 12 Update

The last resort you can try is to manually download the iOS 12 IPSW file, and then flash it on your device. This will fix the issue as you no longer need to depend on Apple’s servers to download the firmware. Download iOS 12 compatible firmware for your model from this link.

This method requires iTunes to update your device to iOS 12 manually. If you’re a newbie, then you should wait for a few hours before trying the update again. Otherwise, follow the steps below to download and install iOS 12 using IPSW:

Step 1: Download the iOS 12 firmware as the link above for your device.

Step 2: Once done, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 3: From iTunes, click on the Summary tab.

Step 4: Now, hold down the Shift key in Windows (Alt/Option key on Mac) and click the “Restore iPhone” option.

Step 5: Browse to the folder containing the firmware and select it. iTunes will now start installing iOS 12 on your device. When the process is completed, you can then restore data from your previous backup to get all things back.

Here are some solutions to fix the “iOS 12 Software Update Failed” error on your device and install the firmware successfully. Let’s know how it goes with you in the comments


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