How To Fix Twitter Not Working On iPhone/iPad

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Suddenly in a morning, you wake app, open your iOS device and you realize Twitter isn’t working on your iPhone or iPad. You feel frustrated when you are not able to tweet your heart out. If Twitter is not working on iPhone or iPad, in this post today, we’ll show you solutions to fix it.

How To Fix Twitter App Not Working On iPhone or iPad

Below we’ve listed possible solutions so that you can fix the problem for good.

Close All Current Running Apps

It’s good to give a fresh start to each app. You should close out of all your applications, not only the Twitter app on your iPhone/iPad. There is a high chance that another app has been crashed in the background, which is the reason why the Twitter app doesn’t work properly.

To close out all apps, simply launch App switcher on your device and swipe to close each app.

Update The Twitter App

Application developers usually roll out updates, including fixes for bugs and software glitches, integrating new features. The error can happen since you forget to install the latest version of the Twitter app on your device.

To check if there’s an update available, simply open the App Store, tap on “Updates” tab in the lower right corner and see what pending updates are available. Just tap the “Update” icon next to the app if you see one available for Twitter app.

Uninstall Twitter App & Install It Again

Another method to fix Twitter not working on your iOS device is just uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. But keep in mind that, uninstalling the app would erase all your saved Twitter data on your iDevice.

Once you have deleted the app, launch the App Store and search for  “Twitter” app. After that, tap on “Get” > “Install” to reinstall it on your phone. After the installation is done, check if it’s working. If not, try the next solutions.

Update To The Latest iOS Version

Apple often releases software iOS updates. If your device has not been updated for a long time, it might experience specific software issues. So, it’d better update your iDevices to the latest iOS version.

To check if there is an update available for your iPhone/iPad, head to Settings > “General > Software Update”. If there is one, tap on “Download and Install”. Make sure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi hotspot and the battery is above 50% to avoid unwanted issues.


Reset Network Settings

The last resort we recommend to you is to reset Network Settings if Twitter app is still not working on your iPad or iPhone. However, the process will erase all settings for Bluetooth, VPN, and Wi-Fi, so make sure they are handy. That’s because you’ll need them to reconnect your device to again.

To Reset Network Settings on your iPhone/iPad, go to “Settings” > General > Reset. From there, choose “Reset Network Settings” and enter your device passcode when prompted. Once done, tap “Reset Network Settings” again. When the reset is completed, your iPhone/iPad should automatically reboot. Install the Twitter app again and check the result.



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