How to fix when iPhone cannot download apps on AppStore

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AppStore is the place which provide many apps for iPhone users, however, sometimes, many iPhone users cannot download apps from App Store. The following article will share with you how to fix when your iPhone encounters this problem.


1, Why iPhone cannot download apps on AppStore:

iPhone software error: sometimes, many users suppose that the error can belong to network providers, but in fact, your phone can be the main reason for this problem so please check for errors on your phone first.

Appstore application error: in some circumstances, there are so many users accessing AppStore so apps which you want to download cannot be loaded at this time. You can wait a minutes and try.

IPhone’s internal memory is full: during use process, users can download a variety of applications, games and these game applications can download more data, so after a period of time, the device’s memory is full. Although device’s memory still has free space, machine’s system does not allow you to download more at this time. To be able to download other games applications, you need to delete the unnecessary things for those with low capacity such as 8Gb, 16Gb.

Some problems related to network communication: this cause often occurs, probably your wifi network is being lag or cannot be connected to. Besides, sometimes, after the connection fails but the machine doesn’t notice.


2, How to fix when iPhone cannot download apps on AppStore

  • Reset the device and try to download again.
  • Check wifi:

You should check wifi when using AppStore to download apps to make sure that Internet connection is still smooth.

  • Restore the phone, this measure can make the application on your phone lost. However, if you do not find the solutions at this time, this method is probably fine.
  • Install Apps through the Appstore on computer

+ You not only can install the application on your phone, but you can also use iTunes to install favorite applications through the iTunes.


+ How to install, firstly, you need to have installation, then you connect your phone to the cable, then open iTunes, access AppStore on iPhone, download the app you want, synchronize with iPhone, then the application that we have installed will appear.

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