How to get rid of spam iMessage texts on iPhone/iPad

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iMessage serves as one of the most used apps in iOS platform. However, at times iMessage becomes a cause of annoyance, as you constantly receive spam iMessage texts or unwanted messages. In reality, these junk message texts are specifically designed to advertise cheap products such as clothes, sunglasses, or services. Tapping on these messages may put you at risk for data leakage. Therefore the best shot for beating spammers is to remove unwanted messages from your iPhone.

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If you are experiencing the issue and you are struggling to beat spammers, believe me that you are not the only one as spam iMessage texts are a growing problem for both iPhone and iPad users. Luckily, we are here to help.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to block and report unwanted messages on your iPhone or iPad

  1. How to block iMessage spam on iPhone/iPad

Normally, most users remove unwanted messages by sliding them to the left and select Delete. Yes, doing so will get all your spam messages out of your sight, but it does not stop spammers from sending you another spam message. Luckily, there is a simpler, but effective workaround you can use to beat spammers on your device. Here is how you do it


Step one: Launch the Messages app on your iPhone/iPad  and tap the spam message

Step two: Once you are done, tap Details in the top-right and tap the circled “i” icon.

Step three: Next up, select “Block this Caller”. After that, tap Block Contact

Once you are done, this person will not be able to send any more spam iMessages texts. You can also use the above-mentioned steps to mute a person that you don’t want to receive texts from.

  1. How to report spam iMessage to Apple

Blocking spam serves as a perfect way to prevent particular spammer from sending you texts. However, imagine the surprise when that spammer sends spam iMessage texts to your friends or others, so reporting spam to Apple may be better than blocking it.


The below-mentioned steps will help you report spam messages to Apple. Once you do this, you will not have to worry about receiving spam iMessage texts in the future. Here we go:

Step one: If you receive a message from a person that is not in the contact list, you will get a message that says “The sender is not in your contact list”.

Step two: All you have to do now is to tap Report Junk button

Step three: Next up, tap Delete and Report Junk

Once you are done, you will report the spam message to Apple and the iMessage team will then investigate.

There is another option to report spam iMessage texts to Apple is to take a screenshot of the spam message and send an email to [email protected].

That’s it! Spam iMessage texts are annoying, and the best shot for removing them from your device is to block and report unwanted messages. Note that any message no matter how important it is will be marked as “suspicious” on your device, if the recipient is not in your contact list, so make sure that you check it before blocking and report it to Apple.

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