How to get Siri to announce incoming calls in iOS 10

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Siri in iOS is getting better and smarter over time, as Apple has always been adding new features, making it one of the bestselling points of iOS platform. In iOS 10, Apple has taken its personal assistant to a whole new level, as it is now available for third-party app integration, opening up a different world of voice control on iPhone.


In iOS 10, you now can use Siri to control many non-Apple apps. For example, you can ask Siri to reply to a message in Snapchat, or send messages  to people you’re connected with in LinkedIn. Noticeably, Siri can now announce incoming calls on your iPhone. This means that Siri will let you know who is calling by announcing the name or number every time an incoming call comes in. This feature comes in handy, especially when you are in a situation where you are running or biking.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make Siri announce an incoming call on your iPhone

Note that the new feature can work perfectly with the iPhone 5s and is not limited to the latest iPhone versions.

Steps to get Siri to announce caller’s namer in iOS 10

Step one: First and foremost, you are supposed to open the Settings app from your Home screen

Step two: Once you are in, scroll down to Phone and tap on it to proceed.

Step three: Next up, tap on Incoming calls. After that, you will be presented with four options which let you control Siri call announce functionality including Always, Headphones & Car, Headphones only, and Never

Step four: Select your option based on how you want to hear the announcement. You can select the Headphone only option if you frequently use a headphone, or the Headphone & Car option if you don’t want to look on your iPhone while driving a car. We will leave the decision in your hands.

That’s it! Siri’s call announce functionality is really a great addition to iOS 10, as it makes your simple tasks even simpler.

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