How to improve Battery Life on iOS 10

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Battery life is always a knotty issue on iOS devices. There are many reasons to blame if your iDevice battery drains fast.

If you are finding it hard to fix the fast battery consumption on your iOS device running iOS 10, follow these tips and tricks below to solve the problem as well as improve your battery life.


How to Fix Battery Life Issue on iOS 10


  1. Turn Off Location Services


Disabling Location Services can improve sustainably your iPhone’s battery life. To turn off Location Service, do following steps:


Step 1: Open Settings app → Privacy


Step 2: Tap on Location Services


Step 3: Tap on the switch to toggle Location Services off


  1. Disable Background App Refresh

Apps usually get refreshed in the background. Turning off Background App Refresh not only saves data but also improves battery life of your device.

Step 1: Launch Settings app → General

Step 2: Tap on Background App Refresh

Step3. Now toggle the switch of Background App Refresh off


  1. Turn off Automatic Downloads


You usually let apps get downloaded or updated automatically to the latest version on your iOS device, but this feature can drain the battery so fast, so it is advisable to turn off this feature.


Step 1: Open Settings app → iTunes & App Store.


Step 2: Under Automatic Downloads section, turn off the switch next to Music, Apps, Books & Audiobooks, and Updates.


  1. Turn on Low Power Mode

When you activate the Low Power Mode, it will reduce the power consumption by disabling unnecessary features like automatic downloads.

Step 1: Open Settings app → Battery


Step 2: Toggle on the switch next to the Low Power Mode .


  1. Turn off Wi-Fi/Cellular Data/Bluetooth when not in use


You might not care about Wi-Fi/Cellular Data/Bluetooth and turn them on all day. However, they consume your battery so much, so you should toggle off when you are not  in use .


  1. Allow Notifications only for Selected Apps

When opening apps for the first time, you usually  enable notifications for all apps, but you might not know this will drain your battery so fast.

You would better turn off this feature and just allow notification for few apps.

Step 1: Open Settings app → Notifications


Step 2: Tap on the apps, which you do not want to receive notification


Step 3: Turn  Allow Notifications off.


  1. Use Headphone to Listen to Music

iPhone speaker can eat up your battery very fast. Therefore, you should use headphone while listening to music that helps your device battery last a bit longer.


  1. Toggle off iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain allows you to keep the passwords as well as your credit card information saved on your other synced devices, but you should turn Keychain off  if it is not necessary.


Step 1: Open Settings app → iCloud


Step 2: Tap on Keychain


Step 3: Toggle iCloud Keychain off → Enter your Apple ID passwords and then tap on Sign in.



  1. Check out battery usage


You should keep a track of the usage of apps by going to Settings → Battery

If you find any apps that consume a lot of battery, delete and then reinstall it.


  1. Keep Auto-Lock to Minimum Time


You should set auto-lock to minimum time to save the battery for your device. To do this, open Settings app → Display & Brightness. Then, tap on Auto-Lock and select the minimum time.



  1. Reset All Settings


For many cases, you can reset your iPhone to the factory reset to troubleshoot the battery draining issue.


Step1. Open Settings → General.


Step2. Scroll down and tap on Reset.


Step3. Tap on Reset All Settings. Wait about 5 minutes, your device then resets all the setting you have set up.


  1. Restore the latest firmware


If the tested tricks above do not help you resolve the issue on your iPhone/iPad, you should restore your device to a fresh version of iOS 10 to fix the battery issue on your device, refer here for more details.

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