How to install Windows 10 for Mac

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With Boot Camp (software preinstalled on OS X platform) – Everything will become easier in installing the Windows operating system for Mac devices. More specifically, the Boot Camp software will help you to download the drivers, create installer for USB, and divide partitions for the MacBook.


Installing Windows on a Mac is quite simple, but it will take you much time to comply with the required procedures on Boot Camp software. Once installed, you can still operate in parallel between the two platforms are Windows 10 and OS X version. And also ensure the data on OS X is not lost.

Here is how you install the latest Microsoft platform on your MacBook:


Minimum 30GB is available on Mac Hard Drive

Minimum 2GB of RAM

USB has approximately 8GB of free storage

File to install iOS Windows 10 (you can download Microsoft’s official website)


Step 1: Plug the USB into your MacBook devices


Step 2: Open Boot Camp Assistant application by visiting Applications. Or use Spotlight (CMD + space) to quickly search this app.


Step 3: At the screen of Boot Camp app, you click Continue.


Step 4: Select Create a Windows 7 install disk or later version and Install Windows 7 or later version. You click Continue


Step 5: At ISO image: You choose the path to the file of ISO Windows 10 that you just downloaded. Then continue to click Continue.

Step 6: Wait until installing process into USB is complete. Note that this will take much time.


Step 7: Once the installation is complete. You continue the hard drive partition for MacBook by drag and drop from left to right. You should select a minimum of about 30GB for your MacBook. Of course, the higher, the better.

Step 8: Continue to click Install to proceed with the installation. This time you should use power supplies for the MacBook to ensure uninterrupted process during installation.


Step 9: In the first boot screen, you will see the installation screen of Windows operating system.

Step 10: Go to screen “Where do you want to install Windows?”. Note that you should select Partition: BOOTCAMP. Proceed format and install Windows 10 to this partition.


Step 11: It is time you should find yourself a cup of coffee and wait for Windows 10 installation.

Step 12: After installation is complete, your device will automatically restart again.

To move to the previous OS X platform. You just need to restart, hold and keep the Option button (Alt).

Overall, Windows 10 operates relatively stable on Mac, run faster, smoother without causing overheat.

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