How to jailbreak iOS 9.2-iOS 9.3.3 on Mac OS X

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Although Pangu has released the latest jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2-iOS 9.3.3, this tool is only compatible 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, and supports Windows PCs.

However, that does not mean Apple iMac or MacBook users cannot use the tool to perform a jailbreak on their iOS devices. In this article, we will show  you how to install the Pangu tool on your Mac to jailbreak iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


How to jailbreak iOS 9.2-iOS 9.3.3 on Mac OS X

  1. Solution 1: Install Window 10 on Mac to jailbreak

Step 1: You have to download the Parallels 11 software for Mac, link download here.

Step 2: Download an executable version of Windows 10 to set the virtual machine. You can download a free trial copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft without product key. An ISO file of Window 10 can be used to install on the virtual machine environment in the Parallels 11 software. Get Windows 10 from here

Step 3: Install the Parallels 11 software like other Mac applications downloaded from a third-party source. Once installed successfully, open the software and skip the simple tutorial steps. Then when prompted, choose the ‘Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file’ option

1-parallels desktop 11 new virtual machine

Step 4: From the middle interface, choose the ‘Image File’ option. This option requires you to install Windows 10 via the previous ISO file downloaded.

Double-click to select the ISO file. Click ‘Continue’ and the progress will start through the relevant configuration steps.


Step 5: Parallels 11 will install Windows 10 onto a virtual machine created on the Mac.


Step 6: When the installation is complete, you need to install the latest iTunes version for Windows on the installed virtual machine. Link to download and install iTunes from here


Step 7: Next, download the Pangu jailbreak tool, here

Step 8: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to the Mac via a USB lightening cable. Inside the interface of the recently installed Windows on virtual machine, follow these steps, here to perform the jailbreak


Step 9: Once you have gone through that tutorial, the jailbreak process will run smoothly. After the process is complete, you will see the Cydia icon on the home screen of your device.


It is important to note that:

  • This jailbreak is only compatible with 64-bit devices, the devices such as iPhone 4s, 5,5c, iPad 2/3/4, iPad mini 1 and iPod touch 5G are not supported.
  • It is still a semi-untethered jailbreak, so make sure that if you really want to experience the jailbreak, just jailbreak your device.


  1. Download PP.ipa file to jailbreak

A second method to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 using a Mac is downloading the PP jailbreak .ipa file.

  • Firstly, you need to download the PP.ipa file from here
  • Then download iOS App Signer from here
  • Create a new app in Xcode (you can search Google for more details)
  • Select your iOS device
  • Do all the required steps to create a provisioning profile (An “Fix-It” error can happen in Xcode)
  • Run the app on your device to verify if it works well, and then trust the profile you have just created.
  • Open iOS App Signer, choose the ipa file you downloaded, choose the profile that you have just created.
  • Start the resigning
  • Open Xcode -> Window -> Device
  • Install the ipa file
  • Next, you can jailbreak your device. Open the app you installed, untick the PP Piracy app box. Lock the device and wait until completing the jailbreak.


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