How to make phone calls on Apple Watch

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With the advent of many technology products from smartphone to smartwatch, this is really a new development trend, so the technology brands in the world need to develop strongly. Previously, manufacturers such as Samsung have launched the smartwatch version which can make voice calls as one handset, now Apple officially released its iWatch version named Apple Watch. The following article will share with you about how to make a call on Apple Watch.

1 / Overview about Apple Watch:

This is the first smartwatch device that Apple has officially designed and widely circulated throughout the world.

Reportedly, Apple has integrated a lot of multimedia features in one watch as well as equipped one operating system to operate smoothly. Therefore, it can be seen as a smartphone.


Some features of phone such as listen and call, message also work quite stably on Apple Watch, however, you should note that Apple Watch did not directly work. In fact, it only processes the data on the iPhone via Bluetooth. This is also a large step until the present time. When compared with other products, it is clear that Apple Watch has proved many advantages with the design and quality as well as configuration of the machine.

2, How to make phone calls on Apple Watch:

To be able to call on Apple Watch, of course, firstly, you need to connect Apple Watch with your iPhone.

You just pick up hand wearing Apple Watch, its screen will shine automatically, allowing you to immediately implement actions that you want without having to unlock like the iPhone.

You simply rotate the Digital crown button to choose the Call app in the applications.


Then the screen will display the contacts in your iPhone, you simply choose one phone number you want to call, then press the Call button.

Now Apple Watch has been connected to the iPhone, Bluetooth signal will be transmited to the iPhone and automatically make calls through Apple Watch.


The display will only show the phone number you are making a call.

When the recievers gets the call, the screen will display the phone number, calling time, end call and mute microphone button.


You will talk to the reciever through one microphone and one mini speaker integrated on Apple Watch.

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